Podcast Marketing

It’s 2019, and Podcast Marketing is In

Video may have killed the radio star, but podcasts are leaving the radio in the dust. Radio advertising budgets in the United States are anticipated to remain stagnant into 2021. Advertising budgets for podcast opportunities, however, are expected to double. Have you considered podcast marketing?

The appeal of podcasts is difficult to undersell both to listeners and to marketers. Podcasts are essentially hyper-customized radio stations, appealing to a hyper-segmented audience that’s ripe for targeting. Every podcast offers a unique perspective, but advertisers can spread their brands far and wide across this new era of radio. Even overlapping via industry podcast to build brand authority.

But even with the advantages, questions remain. Is working with podcasters worth all that time and energy? The statistics – and other niche benefits of podcast collaboration point to yes. As 2019 turns into 2020, you may want to start reaching out on these new “radio waves.”

What benefits does podcast advertising offer marketers that other forms of advertising can’t?

1. Convenience

In this age of Bluetooth connectivity, there are few forms of media more convenient than a podcast. Your audience doesn’t need to sit in front of a screen to engage with the content in question. They can even carry compatible devices with them anywhere in the car, to the gym, and into the office. Podcast marketing has all the appeal of traditional radio, with the kind of massive accessibility of the modern era.

2. Hyper-focus

With a podcast audience, you’ll also be able to tailor your advertising campaign to a hyper-specific consumer group. This is due to the niche nature of podcasts in operations today. Larger podcasts, such as those put on by NPR, may have an industry-defying reach. But those giants are vastly outnumbered by smaller enterprises. Consider podcasts such as The Adventure Zone. This Dungeons and Dragons podcast has previously partnered with companies. In the food industry to advertise a solution to the existing needs of its audience.

If you’re looking to share news about a product, sale, or service with a particular demographic. Why not research the kinds of podcasts that the demographic prefers to listen to? You may find a potential marketing partner waiting for you on a distant SERP.

3. Audience Trust

With the specificity of the podcast, marketing comes increased consumer trust. Why? Because your new consumer audience will be learning about your product through the voices they know and love. Audiences rely on podcasters for consistent content. Making these creators the perfect ambassadors for your brand.


Sticking with our Dungeons and Dragons theme, we can analyze. The partnership between the Critical Role podcast and D&D Beyond, a dice-rolling product. The Critical Role podcast continually made its ad spots for its partner humorous and engaging. To the point where the team ran a fake presidential campaign to draw in new consumers.

When you partner with podcasters large or small. You tap into new bursts of marketing creativity and trusted community voices. When you pair that trust with your product, you start to cultivate consumer loyalty.

So, what kind of podcasts have you been listening to lately? No, they don’t have to be gaming themed think of your audience. Political activists? Cooking aficionados? Philosophical thinkers? True-crime enthusiast? Consider the different genres your business could tap into. You may just find an enthusiastic, creative, and conversion-generating marketing partnership waiting on the radio waves of the future.


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Image attribution: Monkey Business – stock.adobe.com