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Is sponsored content worth your investment?

Paying for digital content visibility, otherwise known as “sponsoring” your content, is just one of many ways to market your brand online.

Advertisements have been around for hundreds of years—but in the physical realm, they’re usually very pricey and, as such, only available to s established businesses.

Thanks to the internet, today even the smallest of businesses can put out a digital calling card. You can partner with people in the same industry, reach across industries to create mutually beneficial partnerships, or even pay influencers to create sponsored content for you.

It’s time to ask how sponsored content can upgrade your marketing game. Is it worth it? (Hint: the answer is most likely yes.)

Who is the right collab partner?

You might be surprised at how well brand collaborations can work—even with seemingly unlikely partners.

Think of the long-running partnership between Lip Smackers and Dr. Pepper. Though a collaboration between a youthful cosmetics company and a much-beloved soft drink might seem an odd pairing, this partnership has been going strong for nearly 45 years. Dr. Pepper-flavored lip balm benefits Dr. Pepper by raising brand awareness and helps Lip Smackers by endearing their products to Dr. Pepper loyalists.

Sometimes, strange-seeming risks can pay off. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous when considering a partnership outside of your industry. As long as you’re willing to be creative with the campaign, you might find unexpected success.

Watch your language.

Traditional advertisements tend towards salesy language and precise content—it focuses directly on what you offer to customers and provides information about discounts and deals.

But with sponsored content, you don’t necessarily want the hard sell. Instead, you want to curate interest in your brand.


Inc.com recently did a promotion with Aflac, which provides supplemental insurance. Rather than simply advertising Aflac’s insurance to its readers, the magazine ran a campaign providing information about how to build an incredible workplace environment, and promoted Aflac’s business benefts as a way to do so.

Strong content doesn’t always have to mean a strong sell. Consider sponsored content as a great way to attract initial interest, and save the sales talk for your own site.

Will sponsored content work for me?

The only correct answer here is, “maybe.”

Due to its unconventional nature, sponsored content reaches a much wider audience than direct advertising, and usually more effectively. Some potential customers may not click on your ads, but promoted content allows these consumers to gather positive knowledge about your company prior to considering a sale.

Remember that, while brand image promotion and awareness is great, it’s only one part of your business. To maintain and grow your company, you’ll need sales. Sponsored content works well in tandem with direct advertising, allowing you to capture both facets of your potential audience while still promoting your actual products or services.

If you want further help to decide if sponsored content is right for you, give us a shout. We’re here to help.


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image attribution: zakokor – stock.adobe.com