Five Headlines Guaranteed to Get Consumers Clicking

The age of schoolboys selling newspapers on the street corner is over in name only. It’s still an exciting headline that’s going to bring in readers’ attention. In the age of the internet, that means clicks, potential sales leads, and eventually, revenue.

What makes a captivating headline, though? Even good headlines these days lose 80 percent of a consumer audience due to the oversaturation of content online.

While we can hire the internet’s version of schoolboys on corners, it’s sometimes easier to focus on crafting a strong headline. Consider these five different types of headlines that are guaranteed to draw an audience’s eye toward your content.


1. The Problem-Solver

In general, your products are designed to solve people’s problems. If you can show your consumers that your product will make their daily lives easier, then they’ll be more likely to send a few dollars your way.

The same can be said for headlines. Problem-solving headlines are headlines that guide readers through solutions to problems they’re already having. For example, if you’re trying to sell gardening equipment, you can craft a headline that reads:

“Why Aren’t My Strawberry Plants Growing?”

When you do, you tell your consumers that you have the answers they need to complete a task that’s nagging them. That kind of assistive language draws in clicks.


2. The Ticking Bomb

The internet moves at a relentless pace. You can take advantage of consumers’ need for speed with your headlines. Headlines that invoke time and speediness reassure readers. They let them know that the content they could read won’t take up too much of their time, but it’ll also offer them quick solutions to their problems.

For example, a headline such as “Solve Your SEO Woes in Five Minutes or Less” is more likely to draw views than “2018’s Complete Guide to SEO.” Why? Because a 5-minute solution to an SEO problem sounds much easier to digest than an entire guide.



3. The Scientist

Headlines that speak to authoritative involvement in a piece of content are also more likely to draw in readers. Why? Because they offer readers immediate social proof. Like peer pressure, social proof serves to reassure readers that they’re not being duped into trying something that no one’s tested before.

A “Scientist” headline could read, “8 in 10 industry authorities agree: strawberry plants grow best in partial sunlight.” While it’s a wordy line, it lets your readers know that you have the best minds on your side.


4. The Smack on the Head

Your headline can also make your readers feel as though they’re falling behind an intellectual curve.

Why do this? Because no one likes to be the last person in the know. A headline such as “Your Competitors Are Already on Instagram – Why Aren’t You?” serves as a smack to readers’ head. It’ll drive them to your article so that they can feel like they’re keeping up with the Joneses.


5. The Competition

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good “versus” article? While you don’t have to name your competition directly, review content that pits your work up against that of other companies in your industry can steal traffic from your peers and offer your consumers a repeat-value resource.

Be smart and creative with your headlines. They’re the book covers of the marketing world: no matter what, they’re what your consumers are going to use to judge your business first.



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Image attribution: Chris Titze Imaging – stock.adobe.com