Google’s Structured Data Reports

Fall Cleaning? Try Google’s Structured Data Reports

Structured data allows content creators and marketers alike to play with SEO in unique ways. Do you use it in your optimization strategy? If so, there’s good news ahead: Google recently updated its Search Console to play nicer with structured data.

So, what does that mean for your optimization strategy?


What is Google Search Console?

Let’s start at the beginning. Google Search Console operates as a dataset search engine. It offers marketers and site owners an analytical assessment of their ad and site performance. It also helps those individuals fix any technical issues that may arise within their platforms.

That’s where the Enhancements tab comes into play. The Enhancement tab works for site owners much like Google Analytics or A/B testing works for advertisers. On this tab, you’ll be able to read through Google Search Console’s assessment of your structured data. As a result, you’ll be able to respond to site concerns and fix problems with your site’s architecture before they delay sales.


What Is Structured Data?

But how does Google Search Console do this? The platform primarily utilizes a magical thing called structured data.

This data serves as a reading guide for Google and its fellow search engines. Structured data help algorithms read through and comprehend your page content. And as a result? It actually determines where your content will rank on SERPs.



Google’s Search Console Update

With this new update, Google Search Console is able to utilize datasets to break down content more effectively. This update will also help the platform assess in-content datasets, including:


  • Tables
  • Proprietarily-formatted data
  • Structured objects in unfamiliar formats
  • Images
  • Machine learning files

Thanks to this update, you can now add additional data structures to your platform, including:


  • Events
  • FAQs
  • How-to’s
  • Job Postings
  • Logos
  • Products
  • Sitelink Searchboxes
  • Videos

You may also want to include breadcrumbs in your site’s structured data. Breadcrumbs assist with your site’s navigation and make it easier for consumers to maneuver from one page to another.

Note: this update – and general use of Google Search Console – requires an investment into structured data and the technicalities that make it function. Should you wish to use this update to your advantage, you’re likely to see a boost in your SERP ranking thanks to the increased algorithmic literacy of your platform.

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