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Conquer Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

If it’s been rumored that email marketing is on the decline, I’m here to tell you, happily, that’s not the case. In fact, 74 percent of teenagers and 90 percent of adults still use email daily, making email marketing campaigns ideal for audience connection and interaction.

So beyond that demographic spread, what makes an email marketing campaign successful? Break down the campaign into accessible steps, and you’ll find that as long as you imbue value into your outreach, you can generate a solid ROI.


Tip 1: Create Your List of Contacts

You can’t run an email marketing campaign if you don’t have a contact list. However, it’s often in bad taste to email consumers if they haven’t consented to your contact. (There are, of course, exceptions.)

The best way to build a contact list for an email campaign involves accumulating platform subscribers. Encourage previous buyers to subscribe to a newsletter after they’ve visited your site, or better yet, made a purchase. This way, you’ll consensually accrue email addresses and can then reach out without ruffling anyone’s feathers.


Tip 2: Keep a Campaign Goal in Mind

A listless campaign won’t be a successful one. You need to identify a goal for your marketing campaign before you set finger to keyboard.

Different email marketing campaign goals can include:


  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased attendance at a business event
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increased sales of existing products or services
  • Updating existing audiences about new products or services
  • New lead generation for your sales team


Tip 3: Choose Your Campaign Tactics Early

Your campaign emails, like the rest of your marketing campaigns, need tactical architecture. You can choose a particular style of email to share with consumers and style your content to fit that template. These templates provide your email campaign with a sense of structure that still allows for – and encourages – the creation of original and valuable content.


Different email marketing campaign templates include:


  • Newsletters: Newsletters focus on one particular topic. They draw an existing consumer audience back to your platform after they’ve visited once or made a purchase. If you want to build long-lasting relationships with your consumers, utilize a newsletter.
  • Announcements: If you want your email marketing campaign to generate immediate sales, send your audience announcements. These emails let your audience know about sales, stock updates, and specific coupon codes that could save them money.
  • Event invitations: If you’re hosting a real-time event or a live stream online, events sent through an email marketing campaign are a great way to generate interest. More importantly, they let your audience know when and where they’ll have the opportunity to connect with you.


Tip 4: Pursue Mobile Compatibility

Mobile e-commerce is on the rise. With consumers doing more of their shopping from their phones, your platform – and your email campaign – needs to be mobile compatible. When you start arranging the content and images in one of your emails, keep the size of most cell phone screens in mind:


  • Create “negative” or white space between your links to prevent missed clicks
  • Keep the size of your text small to prevent page run-off
  • Limit your use of images
  • Compress your images and links to speed up loading times

Above all else, the content in your email marketing campaign needs to be of value to the consumer. If you craft these campaigns with your consumer audience in mind, then you’ll find that your work appeals to a broader audience. With that appeal comes greater opportunity for sales in the future.



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