Building brand authority? Reach out & network.

Content authority, measured in post length and keyword integration, builds trust within your consumer base and improves your ranking on SERPs.


With these sorts of advantages at hand, the question remains: How do you become an authority in your field?

You can network with your peers to build a net of knowledge, and encourage your audience to spread the good word of your brand’s effectiveness. These interactions offer some of the best ways to fit into your field of choice, and building a reliable network paints an image of your own reliability to others.

Where should you start?


1. Find Your Hill

Before you dive into your contact list, you need to choose a hill to stand on. In other words, what’s your brand’s focus? How do you view your brand and its worth? To what extent do you understand your brand and the service or product you’re selling?

Make your intentions clear and accessible in your content. You’re not trying to convince your audience that your point of view is the only correct one. Rather, you’re building a reputation for yourself.

When people see your advertisements or social media engagement, they should be able to recognize your stance on your brand, as well as the value you place in it, without digging through years of content.


2. Spread Your Message

Once you have a point of view established, you can start reaching out to your peers. Do your research and find out who your direct competitors are, as well as what media sources or influencers they themselves seek out. Once you know who holds the most sway over your target audience, you can create an invaluable contact list.

Writing guest blogs, appearing on podcasts, or crafting social media exchanges with peer accounts and influencers will draw eyes to your brand. Not only that, but you can also share information about your brand with an established audience, and have your brand vouched for by someone established in your field.


That one-two punch of outreach and support gets people talking about the brand you represent. In turn, it allows your brand to grow.


3. Seek Out Testimonials

You can also network with your existing audience to build brand authority. Customer testimonials, in essence, are your happy consumers talking to potential consumers. By sprinkling testimonials and reviews throughout your site, you’re sending a message to new audiences. “This brand is reliable.” “This brand owns up to its mistakes.” “This brand authority is worth your investment.”

Success stories hold power over an audience, as do stories of brand mistakes. Find the balance between the two and let your audience do some of your brand authority building for you. The more audience involvement you have, the more likely new consumers are to hear of your work.



You’ll build industry authority by taking advantage of word of mouth and your customers’ trust. Utilize your available assets: your network of peers, your proven audience. By taking both in stride and pairing them with a firm brand stance, you’ll find your content rising through the SERP rankings in no time.



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