Boom Will Benefit Your Business

2019 B2B: This Boom Will Benefit Your Business

Your B2B business has a bright future ahead of it. B2B companies are predicted to net $1.8 trillion by 2023. E-commerce and online marketplaces have made conducting business online a commonplace event — and for B2B, that means you can now find clients anywhere, anytime.


What changes lie ahead in 2019?

With industry focus shifting from personal inventories to analytics and content marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to pinpoint what elements of your platform, if any, you need to upgrade.

Look at some of the fastest growing 2019 B2B business factors and see how your own business can match the industry’s growth.


Prizing Mobility

Nowadays, nearly everyone everywhere has a miniature computer in their pocket. And with that prominence of mobile phones comes an increase in the number of mobile purchases being made daily. In fact, the vast majority of online purchases take place via mobile phones.

This means that, more and more, B2B businesses need to be accessible at all hours—and from anywhere. While you don’t have to start pulling all-nighters to do this, you do need to evolve your platform. Your company site should promote this constant availability, not only from a desktop but also from a mobile website.

As such, your platform absolutely must be mobile accessible. If it isn’t, you’ll fall behind on the 2019 B2B rise and lose out on valuable revenue.


Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, and E-wallets— Oh My!

Just as mobility is on the rise, higher-security EMV-chipped credit cards and e-wallets appear ever more frequently. Ninety-four percent of shoppers are using credit cards to make their online purchases, but Apple Pay and its equivalents are following close behind.

After its introduction in early 2019, Apple reports that Apple Pay has been accepted by 43 percent of Apple users and that the wallet’s use is projected to increase as the year progresses.


As such, to stay on top of this B2B purchasing trend, you need to make sure your online cart and storefront are both equipped to accept new forms of payment. You’ll also need to verify the security of the hardware and software you affiliate with your business.

What’s the lesson here? Partner safety with accessibility. You’ll capture the growing mobile market and watch your income grow with it.


Influencer Marketing

Traditional B2B advertising is also evolving with the rest of the industry. Nowadays, businesses like yours are bringing influencers – popular social media faces – onto their marketing teams to increase sales. Influencers can help personalize B2B marketing campaigns and add reputation value to a brand name. For B2B in 2019, both of those are key to increasing your business’s revenue stream.

Influencers have access to multiple platforms, extensive audiences, and also one key value that, as a business, you can’t have: inherent trustworthiness. Consumers trust each other before they ever trust a brand. But in the B2B realm, an influencer goes beyond online social audiences. Your influencers are powerful authors, speakers, researchers, community leaders and business mavens who can reach your target industry audiences.


With the surge of e-commerce, B2B has seen the significant transformation over the past few years. For the industry as a whole, these changes have been, so far, rewarding. Keep your business ahead of the curve, and you’ll benefit from the industry growth in 2019 and beyond.



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