Apple Search Advertising


Did you know that 65% of all app discoveries and installs comes directly from user searches? We’ll help you use Apple’s strategic search ads to showcase your app and push your company far ahead of the competition.

Apple Search Ads

Hard data powers your best strategies.

At MV3, we have years of experience creating dynamic, profitable ad campaigns—and for organic mobile growth, there’s no faster strategy than our Apple search ads.

These ads connect your mobile analytics and attribution methods to naturally-integrated visual advertisements, resulting in an optimized campaign that quickly drives returns.

We analyze key metrics (revenue-per-user, cost-per-acquisition, total conversions and more) to monitor your progress on all levels and promote your campaign’s success.

We eat, sleep, and breath keywords—so you don’t have to.

Search ads ensure that your app shows up first in a keyword search, magnifying your chances of attracting intentional customers. We can help you surpass rivals with flying colors by making the best use of relevant keywords in your ads, even targeting specific brand searches.

We do the legwork of comparing search popularity and identifying high-retention words. The more relevant your keywords are, the faster your ads will help your app climb the store rankings.

Apple Search Ads

Gain valuable back-end data.

Effective search ads allow your company to manipulate your organic search ranking in 72 hours or less. Impossible, you say? We’re happy to prove you wrong.

With MV3’s expert team, you can:

Apple Search Ads


We’ll leverage events from your mobile attribution system to create strong optimization goals. Later, we’ll help you focus your ad spend dollars beyond downloads to site/app registrations and sales.


We keep a watchful eye to prevent losses from faltering campaigns, and we’ll simultaneously work to update bids, change underperforming keywords, and adjust budgets for demand—in real time.

4 Apple search ads across multiple devices
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Search ads provide powerful data for quality localization, and we’ll help you capitalize on your highest-earning keywords. (PS: These insights can also be applied across your marketing strategy, from influencer relations to search engine management.)


Our team is equipped with valuable automation tools like AppsFlyer and Kochala to take the busy work out of your advertising efforts. You don’t like wasting time, and neither do we.

Apple Search Ads

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