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Mary Meeker: These Seven Tech Companies Dictate the Future

This post is Part 1 in our series exploring key highlights from the 2019 Mary Meeker report.


According to Mary Meeker, seven of the top ten operating companies across the world are tech companies.

In the age of the internet and e-commerce, this may not come as a surprise to anyone. But what does the striking success of these technology giants mean for the future of innovation? What does it mean for your marketing tactics?


Meet Your Top Ten

In Mary Meeker’s 2019 report, these companies reside at the top of the economic food chain:


  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Apple
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Facebook
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • JPMorgan Chase

Of the businesses listed here, only three don’t have assets tied directly to technological development or innovation.

Berkshire Hathaway specializes in insurance as well as transportation. Johnson & Johnson operates in the world of pharmaceuticals. And JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest American banks in operation.


The Details of Success

So, how do these seven tech-oriented companies stack up against a global economy? Consider the market value of Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon combined. These companies generate $2.2 trillion in market value alone.

For these companies, and most anyone in the exploding tech sphere, the future looks bright. Amazon is set to collect 50 percent of all online sales in the United States by 2021. In the past few years, Google has absolutely dominated digital advertising.

However—unless you’ve got very grand plans (and a few billion stashed away), your takeaway shouldn’t be how to compete with these businesses. Instead, use Mary Meeker’s report as encouragement to analyze the impact of technology on your day-to-day interactions. How are these companies influencing your own?



Technological Transformation of E-commerce

Since the advent of the internet, e-commerce has offered consumers new and simpler ways to reach out to their preferred businesses. Nowadays, consumers provide businesses like the seven noted in the Meeker Report with more than a healthy revenue.

E-commerce generates data. Data is almost as valuable, if not more so than the actual revenue a company brings in. The aforementioned businesses are not only able to provide products to a responsive audience, but they’re also able to predict human behavior and tailor their marketing campaigns and future developments to it.

In this way, the seven largest tech companies in the world control the way smaller businesses are able to process data. Because they rely so heavily upon analytics, they operate at the cutting edge of data analysis and dictate innovations to the field.


Tech Giants and SEO

Much the same could be said of these companies’ influence on SEO. Google alone has almost monopolized the algorithmic process through which online content is sorted. If small businesses want to see financial success, they need to play by the rules that Alphabet Inc. has cultivated or else fail to reach interested audiences with their content. Even Apple’s App Store, which operates on an algorithm entirely of its own, plays with the success of startups with its SEO expectations.


The Takeaway

The unprecedented growth seen by Meeker’s noted tech companies isn’t a bad thing. Rather, it’s the kind of growth and social influence that wasn’t seen prior to the advent of the internet. In the years to come, small businesses will have to continue to work within the mercantile world that these businesses shape every day.

While competition isn’t an option, it’s our job to become innovative, just as the giants of the tech world were before us.



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