Facebook’s Newest Tools for Small Businesses

Are you trying out Facebook advertising as a small business? Since its inception, the social network has proven to be a steady marketplace for individuals and enterprises of all sizes.

This year, Facebook debuted numerous new features. Each one is designed to make it easier for businesses like yours to create and maintain content marketing campaigns. Even better news? These tools were made with busy business owners in mind. You won’t have to worry about needing graphic design or video editing experience to thrive on Facebook.

So what do these new tools look like? How can your business take advantage?


Automated Advertisements

Maybe you’re a little less advertisement-savvy and don’t want to burn your budget on outside resources. For you, Facebook has rolled out Automated Advertisements.

This feature allows you to create six different versions of a single advertisement and run them in tandem. Your marketing campaigns will thrive in diversity, without giving you additional work to get there.

To generate these advertisements, Facebook allows you to use the images and content that you’ve already shared on your page. You can customize each of these six variations on your ad to fit a particular business goal, so you can test out different approaches as you wish.

After your ad goes live, you’ll be able to track performance directly through Facebook and determine how to improve or modify—even while your advertising campaign is in progress.


Easier Video Editing

In a similar vein, Facebook now makes it easier for you to create video advertisements with three different mp4 tools. These tools include:


  • Automatic Cropping
  • Manual Trimming
  • Imaging and Text Overlays

These tools make it simple for you to edit short videos for better accessibility, so you’ll get more views and, hopefully, more engagement.

Automatic cropping will package your mp4s into their appropriate aspect ratios. Manual trimming lets you easily cut longer videos, and the overlap tool lets you add your logo to existing videos to reinforce your brand.


This is all great news if you’ve been avoiding outsourcing your video advertisements but you still need additional help. With performance metrics and simpler edits, it’s easier than ever to create and keep an ad campaign on point.


Automating Business Appointments

So, in an ideal scenario, these video advertisements start performing and generating consumer interest. Great! What next?

You’ll need to start setting up appointments. And if you’re looking for a simpler way to organize your business calendar, there’s a tool for that.

Basically, this tool, called Appointments, lets you create meetings with your clients on Facebook, be that from your desktop or your phone. You can even set reminders via Facebook to stay on top of your agenda so that you never miss a business opportunity.

How do you set up Appointments? All you need to do is integrate a “book now” button into your Facebook platform. This tool is free to include in your Facebook marketplace, and it has the potential to be a lifesaver for busy business owners.

Facebook continues to surprise and adapt to a changing world of online marketing. There’s never been a better time to be social as a company.
If your business is looking to revamp its marketing campaign through Facebook, take advantage of these marketing tools, and see how your audience better engages with your work.



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image attribution: mrmohock – stock.adobe.com