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Essential Elements for your E-commerce Platform

Your online platform should emphasize functionality, accessibility, and brand originality—it’s how you’ll secure customers, and sales.

With a plethora of e-commerce hosts to consider, however, it can be difficult to know which service will best suit your business. Consider the following variables while shopping around, and you’ll have a better chance of choosing the best e-commerce platform for your business.


Reasonable Pricing

Regardless of industry, every business owner worries about staying on budget. When you’re looking for an e-commerce hosting platform, you have to plan to pay setup fees and monthly dues, as well as pay for any upgrades your business may need while growing.

While you should consider your budget when choosing an online platform, don’t be too stingy. If the platform you like best is a little more expensive, consider the long-term benefits of the tools and architecture that your preferred platform offers you.

Some of the most efficient e-commerce hosts include:


  • Wix: Site-creation platform that specializes in mobile and HTML5 development
  • Shopify: A streamlined e-commerce platform that allows for multi-channel merchandising and sales
  • SiteGround: International web-hosting organization that’s collaborated with Joomla!, WordPress, and others to offer its clients a breadth of hosting options
  • Web-hosting and platform-building tool that does business in B2B products as well as IT services
  • Bluehost: Web-hosting solutions company that currently houses over two million online domains


Mobile Compatibility

The computer in your consumers’ pockets will generate more of your sales than a desktop will. As such, you need to make sure the e-commerce platform you choose is mobile compatible.

Images or CTAs that refuse to load promptly can result in lost sales. Do your research and make sure your platform of choice can be accessed quickly via mobile.


Easy SEO Integration

SEO is the bread and butter of organic traffic generation. The e-commerce platform you host with will need to enable you to integrate keywords, backlinks, and other SEO elements into content with ease. This, naturally, means that your platform of choice should allow you to integrate a blog into your site.


You should also check to see if you’ll be able to customize your domain name or allow for consumer reviews. Domain name customization is a great way to integrate SEO keywords into your content, and consumer reviews add credibility to your business.

And remember, your platform should be on your side. An e-commerce platform that’s determined to see your business grow should allow for these elements.


Operation Scalability

When choosing an e-commerce hosting platform, think about how you plan for your business to grow in the future. Does your platform of choice have an inventory limit? Can you revise your content easily? Can you update plugins, add-ons, and other HTML or CSS elements?

When you foster a business, you should anticipate its overall growth. Your e-commerce hosting platform, then, should not only serve you well at the moment, but it should also be able to enable your development in the future.



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