should business owners know code?

Do You Need to Know How to Code to Succeed?

Content creation is all about text on a page. This can sometimes include code. If you’re not familiar with HTML or JavaScript, then you might need to have a designated team member at the ready to code your content and make it more visually appealing.

Programmers cost money, though. If you’re looking to tighten your belt, you may think that you need to learn HTML or JavaScript.

On one hand, learning how to code isn’t going to hurt your resume or your business’ reputation. On the other, code isn’t going to run your business for you (yet). Code, after all, is a tool used to solve a business’ problems.

So, should you dive into YouTube tutorials and start learning how to code to better your business? Let’s weigh the pros and cons before moving forward.


Coding and Perspective

It’d be an overstatement to claim that all code, in all its languages, is logical. There’s a reason programmers keep rubber ducks on their desks: you need someone to talk to when your code is stressing you out.

That said, learning how to code changes the way you think. You learn to break down your solutions into their simplest forms. You also gather new appreciation for the way your platform operations.

If you have the time and want to look at your business from another angle, then learning to code is a good idea. You’ll come away from the process with better problem-solving skills and a newfound respect for the programmers on your team.



The Versatility of Coding

You might first feel the need to learn code to better optimize marketing content or your platform. You’ll find, though, that code is a versatile tool. You can use it to improve the aesthetics of your platform, yes, but it also boosts your functionality and your analytical analysis.

Note that as a business owner or CEO, you won’t always be able to handle your business’ hiccups straight-on. If you have the tools, though, to help during a crisis or renovation, then you’ll be able to make your life and the lives of your employees a little easier.


Are There Disadvantages to Learning How to Code?

Don’t feel the need to transform into a code monkey quite yet. There actually are some heavy disadvantages to jumping into unfamiliar territory:


  • Choosing a language to work with requires commitment and flexibility, as some third-party platforms won’t be compatible with your code of choice.
  • You’ll need to memorize your language’s shorthand to code quickly and with as few errors as possible.
  • As you learn more about the code language of your choice, the bugs you encounter will become more difficult to solve.
  • Until you’ve had significant time to practice, you’re not going to be able to code your platform’s HTML, JavaScript, or other features as quickly as a professional programmer could.

Coding is a skill, just like public speaking or content creation. It’ll take time to learn, and you won’t be able to apply your skills to your business’ needs as quickly as you may like.

While you can still take the opportunity to learn more about the code that goes into your platform’s architecture, you don’t need this information to run a successful business. It’s available to you, though, if you feel like broadening your horizons.



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