Customer Experience Game

How to Win the Customer Experience Game

Now that most business is conducted through the web, customer service methods have changed. The traditional ways we once used to reach out to consumers to ensure a positive experience no longer work as well as they did – or so say 87 percent of CS representatives.

Even so, the core of online customer service practices remains the same.


If you want consumers to flock back to your business, you need to make them feel good!

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to meet your consumers’ needs. Once you lay a strong foundation, you can build a reputation for your business that holds customer service at its core.


1: Root Your Service in Empathy

If you’re working long hours to make ends meet, it can be hard to summon extra empathy for consumers. However, if you’re looking to form a long-term connection with your clients, you need to.

Thank your consumers for reaching out to your business. Check with them to make sure that all their needs are being met. Most importantly, apologize if they run into an obstacle. You want to remind them that you’re on their side, and the best way to do so is with a kind word or two.


2: Problem Solve

Don’t stop at words. Your actions need to reflect your kindness; problem-solve for your clients. If you can’t handle an issue immediately, try to establish a workable resolution timeline.

You should also use client obstacles to prepare for the future. Check with your consumers as you tackle business obstacles, and use that experience to create an action plan for the future.


3: Work for Transparency

You’ll also want to communicate with your consumers frequently. Whether you’re sharing information about a store-wide deal or discussing the details of an individual contract, communication is key to memorable customer experience.


One of the best ways to ensure positive communication is to reach out to your consumers through the platforms they use most often. For example, if someone asks you a question through Twitter, use Twitter to respond. When your consumers don’t have to hunt for your responses, messages will flow more easily.


4: Find Your Tone

The last thing you want to do is alienate consumers with your tone. The wrong tone can completely alter your customer experience, so pay attention to your audience and their specific needs. If a consumer reaches out via email and uses formal language, do the same. If a consumer prefers to use emojis, you can loosen up your style.

Code-switching will serve your business well and make each consumer interaction feel individualized.


5: Accept Feedback

Finally, be sure to consider consumers’ feedback when changing your business’ policies or products. Consumers want to support their work. If you’re looking to improve your connection with a buying audience, you need to listen to their guidance.

Doing so not only promises to improve your sales, but it also improves your relationship with your audience.



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