Using B2C tactics in B2B

Can B2C Tactics Work on B2B Businesses?

B2B marketing operations are considered separate – and more complex – than B2C tactics. That separation appears to be coming to an end. As consumer data becomes more accessible, and social media dictates the way we maintain our marketing campaigns, B2B and B2C marketing strategies are already beginning to see overlap in their operations.

What B2C tactics can you take advantage of while planning your next B2B marketing campaign?


Improve Your Response Time

When you utilize the standard, B2B ToFu marketing strategy, you’re looking to generate interest in your business. That interest can manifest in many forms, including potential client outreach.

B2C businesses need to commit to socially engaging with potential consumers to drive their sales. The speediness of their replies partnered with wholesome tone allows consumers to interpret the business as trustworthy.

You might think, in B2B business, that you want to keep your clients waiting. Don’t do this! You could see a 50 percent increase in sales if you respond quickly and earnestly to your potential clients’ interest.


Open Yourself Up to Research

Nowadays, your clients are going to do their research before reaching out to you. This pre-assessment lets them weigh their options before choosing to work with the business that they think will best suit their needs.

Whether you’re operating a B2B or B2C business, you need to make it easy for your potential clients to learn more about you. B2C businesses push reviews or references to build up their marketing campaigns. B2B businesses can, as well, and should! Testimonials and reviews provide consumers with social reassurance. If they see that other people are taking advantage of your business, they’ll feel more comfortable reaching out.



Try Something New

This is the age of experimental marketing. Flash mobs, pop-up experiences, and influencer marketing are all becoming staples of B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. You’re not going to generate the same amount of interest in your business with stylized pens as you will with a cameo by Keanu Reeves or a one-night-only brand event.

You may think, as a B2B business owner, that such experimental marketing comes with the risk of a low ROI or even social ostracization. This isn’t the case, especially if you plan your guerrilla marketing carefully. When you embrace creative measures to spread the word about your brand, you’ll build interest in your work. With that interest comes long-term social engagement with your audience.


Ensure That You’re Socially Competent

You can’t bank on the success of any of the aforementioned B2B and B2C marketing connections, though, if you’re not socially competent. That is to say, competent on social media. You don’t have to be a Facebook or Twitter pro, but you should be able to add filters to your Instagram photos and properly use a #hashtag before you start chasing social success.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the biggest four social media platforms operating today: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Once you do, you’ll be able to reach out to the appropriate clients and start experimenting with new marketing strategies.

This overlap between B2B and B2C marketing represents the future of sales. While audiences may differ between the two organizations, marketers from both arenas need to use the tools provided to them by the Internet to boost each business’ success.



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