Project Zero

Amazon’s Brand New Tactic to Target Counterfeiters

No one likes a copycat.

What people like even less are counterfeit products advertising themselves as the real deal.

Amazon has had to contend with those kinds of false listings for years now. Catching counterfeiters has usually been a clunky and time-consuming process. However, thanks to ever-evolving machine learning, Amazon is now working to ensure that all products in its marketplace are legitimate with a new service: Project Zero.


How to Conquer Counterfeiters

Before now, the process of addressing counterfeit listings on Amazon was, at best, slow. If you found a counterfeit listing that advertised one of your products online, lucky you. Maybe you heard a rumor, or maybe you crawled through the marketplace to find it on your own.

It was also up to the offended party to submit a report and removal request to Amazon. However, the delisting process took some time, making the whole endeavor slow and generally ineffective.


Enter: Project Zero

Amazon heard consumer complaints about timeliness and responded with cutting-edge technology and user-reliant algorithms. Project Zero uses machine learning to crawl through Amazon’s marketplace for you. It finds, identifies, and delists counterfeit products with little to no effort.

Now, that doesn’t mean Project Zero is entirely hands-off. If you want to use this new security feature to your advantage, you have to provide data that separates your legitimate products from falsified ones.

For example, any trademarks or branding that you use on your licensed post need to be housed in Project Zero’s archives. That way, when a post without those markers arises, Project Zero will be able to distinguish between a counterfeit product and a legitimate one.



Serving Multiple Needs

That’s not the only role Project Zero will fill, though. Project Zero will also serve as an equivalent to a security system in Amazon’s marketplace, allowing companies to rely upon it to detect what data is theirs and what data has been falsified.

While the details of Project Zero’s automation remain largely unknown, this is a step toward giving more security-oriented control to corporations on one of the Internet’s most popular marketplaces.

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