YouTube Advertising

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube Advertising – YouTube offers advertising in 6 different formats. Display ads, overlay ads, skippable video, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards. These ads can all be created and run through the Google Adwords platform.

Like many self-served digital advertising platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube advertising all occur online in Google AdWords. You create your videos and upload it to Google AdWords, choosing the ad targeting and placement for your ads. You bid to display the ad, paying any amount that is within your budget. Once viewers watch your ad, you pay. Once your YouTube and runs, you can view the analytics from Google AdWords. You can run, pause, and stop ads at any time.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising?

Increasingly more small- and medium-sized businesses are taking their advertising to YouTube. In fact, that number has doubled, and it’s not surprising why. There are various benefits of YouTube advertising, all of which circle around to the most important benefit: a huge audience. YouTube ads have the opportunity to appear across a platform that boasts 1.5 billion monthly viewers. Other benefits include the following:

  • Real-time insights about views
  • The ability to show an ad before a viral video
  • Creative freedom for a video ad
  • Various ad format options
  • The ability to identify purchase intent
  • Increased ad exposure through social media sharing
  • Various audience targeting options

Start YouTube Advertising

First, you must create a Google AdWords account and link it to your YouTube account. When doing so, you much choose the general settings of your account, for example, setting your desired daily budget. Next, you must choose the location where you want your ad to appear. You have the options country, region, city, ZIP code, and IP address.


To run a YouTube advertising ad, you must select a video from your YouTube account to promote. When creating your ad, you can choose your targeting options, including device type, demographics, and keywords. After you’re done, you can submit the video ad to YouTube.

Types of YouTube Ads

Often before, during, or after viewers watch a video, they will have to watch a video ad. The ad could be a TrueView In-Stream Video that plays automatically or an Overlay Ad that hovers unobtrusively at the bottom of the video screen or a Discovery Ad that appears within the search results. Whatever the format, ads appear everywhere on the platform.


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