Seinfeld Sequence

What is a Seinfeld Sequence?

Seinfeld Sequence – This takes place after the Soap Opera Sequence. Share daily updates with your list to stay relevant while naturally referring to or linking the topic to your product or services that you offer.

A Seinfeld email sequence is a set of stand-a-lone sequences that tell a story.  The goal of any good Seinfeld sequence is to entertain the reader.  In the end, they’re that much more likely to click on the call-to-action bringing you more sales.

There are 3 main styles:

  • Episode Style
  • Educational Style
  • Epiphany Style

The image above is from a book called Dotcom by Russell Brunson.

I highly recommend looking into getting Dotcom Secrets.

Russell Brunson is also the founder of ClickFunnels, which is a sales funnel building software that I use for my own online business.

Inside of an episode style Seinfeld email sequence you have the following example emails:

  • Controversial email
  • What happened today?
  • Story-based Edu-training

Secondly, inside of an educational style Seinfeld email sequence you have:

  • Checklists
  • How To
  • Q&A
  • FAQ’s

Lastly, inside of an epiphany style :

  • Ideas
  • Inspirational
  • Enlightening/thought-provoking
  • Challenge existing dogma/beliefs

All of these represent different categories of emails you can write to entertain and engage your email subscribers.


Along the way, you can build a story of the course of typically three different emails.

Typically, your Seinfeld email sequence will be centered around a specific product you want to promote.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be.  You can always provide a sequence or series of emails that are pure value for your audience.

Another thing to note is that Seinfeld email sequences should only be sent out after you’ve gained the trust of your audience and subscriber base.

Think about it…

If your subscribers don’t know who you are, then why would they want to listen to your advice or what you have to say.

The best way to gain trust is first through a Soap Opera Sequence and then move onto sending out multiple Seinfeld sequences.

From there, you can send out one-off campaign emails to your subscribers that point back to the content that you’re creating.


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