Soap Opera Sequence

What is Soap Opera Sequence?

Soap Opera Sequence – After someone has joined your list you can use this sequence to stand out and keep them interested in what you have to say and your future emails.

Simply put, it is a sequence of five emails that are intended to create drama, build suspense and anticipation, and ultimately, to entice recipients to act.

Here’s how the emails break down of Soap Opera Sequence emails.

Setting the Stage Email

The first email in the Soap Opera Sequence is the introduction. It lets the audience know what to expect in upcoming emails.

One of the most effective ways to build anticipation is to start your first email by promising to tell your audience a secret. It’s important to convey what the secret did for you and why you’re eager to share it.

You should always end the first email with a teaser telling people to be on the lookout for your next email.

Drama and Backstory Email

The second email in the Soap Opera Sequence must include a lot of drama to hook the reader. Many companies use this email to talk about a time when they were in trouble. Perhaps the market hit an all-time low and they thought that their company would fail.

The end of the second email should hint at what’s to come. In other words, it should let your audience know that you figured it out and saved your company – and you’re reading to tell them how you did it… next time.


Epiphany Email

The third email in a soap opera sequence is where you reveal the secret you discovered – the one that changed everything.

It might seem early to reveal the secret, but the trick here is not to be coy. You can reveal it, but you’ll also draw it out by letting them know that in your next email, you’ll share even more helpful information.

Hidden Benefits Email

The fourth email in the Soap Opera Sequence should be focused on the hidden benefits of your product or service – the one that came to you when you had your epiphany.

The trick here is to make these hidden benefits truly hidden. They shouldn’t be things that your readers figured out as soon as they heard your epiphany. You must spin them in such a way that this email feels like a revelation.

Urgency and Call to Action Email

The final email in a soap opera sequence is where you hit your readers with a strong, direct sales pitch. Every email in the sequence will include a call to action, but this email should entice them to act immediately.

This is also a good place to introduce a sense of urgency – something we’ll talk more about a little later.


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