Mouse Tracking

What is Mouse Tracking?

Mouse Tracking / Heatmapping – It can be used to see the most active areas on your pages. This allows you to see what areas your visitors drag and hover with their mouse. Using this information can provide important feedback and data that can help improve engagement and conversions.

Mouse Tracking helps you discover how customers browse. Testing a website is always about dynamics. While navigating through a website people interact with it in a million different ways by concentrating their attention on this or that part of the website, clicking on various references, buttons, pop-up windows, closing and opening different pages, following links, etc.

How does Mouse Tracking work?

Mouse Tracking technology allows you to measure user experiences. It means you will know exactly how users interact with your website. Upon measurement you’ll get valuable data, which will allow you to improve your website in order to make customers stay longer, research your content as well as buy your products and services.


You can trace how customers navigate on your website with their mouse pointer, where they click, whether they scroll down to the bottom of the page or look for a piece of information just at the top of the page. You can also see whether they check several pages of the website or just spend a couple of minutes on one page and leave, how long it takes them to find an action button and how long it takes users to click on it.

Data output is presented in a form of statistics based on your areas of interest. It is a great way to understand the noticeability of the small elements, action buttons, links and to make sure that customers can find what they are looking for.


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