Having Mobile-Friendly Website is an Absolute Must


Do you have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

As a business owner, your goal is to achieve as much success as possible. How do you do that? By reaching as many customers as you can.

You probably already know how important it is for your business to have a website (hopefully). While it might be beautifully designed and full of useful information, if it isn’t optimized for mobile use, chances are you aren’t going to attain the success you are hoping to.

If you really want to grow your business, here’s a look at 5 reasons why you need to have a mobile-friendly website.

1. Mobile is Where Your Customers Are

When you need to look something up online, what device do you use? If you’re like most web users, you probably use your smartphone or tablet to search the internet way more often than you use your laptop or desktop computer.

Mobile devices are more popular than ever, and their popularity continues to grow. To be clearer, you’re going to reach more people on their mobile devices than you will on their computers. People are far less likely to engage with a website that they can’t fully access on their smartphones or tablets. With that in mind, if you own a website, making sure it’s mobile-friendly isn’t just something that you should consider – it’s an absolute necessity.

2. Mobile-Friendly Websites Receive Priority

Google, Bing, and other search engines give priority to websites that are optimized for mobile use over those that aren’t in mobile search results. That means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s going to have a much lower ranking. What sites do users click on the most? The sites that they find at the top of their results. If you want to make sure your website is seen by mobile users, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s mobile-friendly.

3. Establishes Your Credibility

By optimizing your website for mobile use, you can boost the credibility of your business. Visitors who click on sites with slow load times or that time out on their mobile devices tend to think the businesses they are linking to aren’t exactly the most trustworthy. However, if your site is easy to navigate on a mobile device, loads quickly, and has a layout that can be seen properly on a smartphone or tablet; your business will be taken much more seriously. And the more credible your business is, the more success you stand to achieve.

4. Enhanced Engagement with Your Brand

Your Customers will have a much easier time engaging with your brand when your website is mobile-friendly. A site that is easily accessible on any device gives your prospective customers the opportunity to interact with your brand no matter where they are. The more users can engage with your brand, the more familiar they become with it. More familiarity leads to more trust and recognition. A website that is responsive for mobile use can help your business become the first-choice customers to think of when they need a product or service.

5. Increased Traffic

No matter how much effort you put into the layout and design of your website, if it isn’t getting a lot of traffic, it isn’t going to do you much good.


Mobile-friendly websites receive far more traffic than sites that are properly accessible on laptops or desktops. Smartphones and tablets generate more than half of all traffic on the web, so if you want to increase the traffic to your site, you really need to make sure it properly works or is accessible on mobile devices.

Your Customers will be Satisfied

Whenever an existing or prospective customer clicks on your website, you want their experience to be nothing less than amazing. If your site is only available in a desktop version, visitors are going to have a difficult time navigating it. When they can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s a safe bet that they’ll get frustrated.

As mentioned, since most people use their mobile devices to access the internet and find the information they are looking for, they’ll be much happier using sites that work seamlessly on their smartphones or tablets.

Your Business will be Relevant

Your website offers valuable information and the most useful one-of-a-kind products and services possible. But if your website doesn’t offer a mobile experience, your business will consider outdated. And what do people do when they think a company is obsolete? – They look elsewhere.

By optimizing your website for mobile use, your visitors will see your business as a more relevant and reliable source.

High Conversion Rate

It may sound obvious, but the fact is it’s important to point out: mobile users purchase more on mobile devices. People are more inclined to make an instant purchase from a website that they can easily view and interact with on their tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, the purchases mobile users make on their mobile devices tend to be more impulsive. So, if your site allows for easy mobile purchases, you’ll see a definite increase in your conversions.

Given all the benefits that mobile optimization for a website provides, making sure your site can be easily accessed and used on smartphones and tablets is essential. If you want to boost the success of your business, give us a call today to find out how we can take your website to the next level with a mobile-friendly design.


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