Linkedin Advertising

What is Linkedin Advertising?

Linkedin Advertising – LinkedIn’s advertising platform. Through different ad formats, advertisers can bid on ad space and target unique audiences based on job title, years of experience, industry, and many other demographics.

LinkedIn ad types

Like other social advertising platforms, LinkedIn advertising offers you a variety of ad types and formats to play with. And, like other platforms, you should be selecting your ad format based on the overall action you want to drive. Across all their offerings, LinkedIn advertising supports brand awareness, website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation, site conversions, and job applications.

LinkedIn sponsored content

Sponsored content ads look and feel native to the LinkedIn platform. These are the ads that appear to be “boosted” posts from a company’s own feed. Your ads manager can create a typical post with a headline, image and link to sponsor. Or you can create carousel ads, video ads, and lead generation ads that appear in the same “boosted” format. LinkedIn text ads

LinkedIn text ads are the closest to Google or Bing search ads that you can get on the platform. LinkedIn text ads operate on a familiar pay-per-click or impression basis, and they’re featured in the sidebar. These are admittedly kind of boring for a social platform – a basic text block with a headline, next to a company logo.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Know that feeling when you log into LinkedIn and have 10 new messages? It’s likely that some of those are marketers popping into your inbox through Sponsored InMail for a pretty penny. Marketers or sales teams can curate a list of contacts to send personalized messages to. The content of the messages is largely up to you – you want to invite prospects to events or even attempt to generate an inbound call.


LinkedIn programmatic display ads

LinkedIn joined the fray of programmatic offerings, which is great news for B2B advertisers who rarely have good options for targeting. With these display ads, you can target the largest professional audience based on intent or personas – but more on LinkedIn advertising targeting options later. In terms of ad creative, it’s your run-of-the-mill display ads. Marketers can choose their preferred demand-side platform or trading desk and buy inventory through open or private auctions.

LinkedIn dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are basically as personalized as you can get with your LinkedIn advertising. Advertisers can choose to promote job postings, content downloads, their own company page, or drive traffic to a website via spotlight ads, which also appear on the newsfeed. This ad type also has set templates and auto-translation options to make personalizing the ad creative easy for you.


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