AdWords Labels

What is AdWords Labels?

AdWords Labels – These allow advertisers to organize elements within their accounts into meaningful groups for faster and easier reporting. Labels can be applied to keywords, campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Labels are a way of organizing account elements into meaningful groups. You can apply them to almost any element, including:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Keywords.

You can then use these labels to filter, report and compare. You can also apply multiple labels to the same element.

AdWords has a detailed help file on labels that you can review for more information.

How We Use AdWords Labels

We like labels so much; we keep coming up with new ways of using them. Here are a few of our favorites:

Business Unit Budgets

This is how we first started using labels. Many of our clients have several different business units, each with their own PPC budget. We use naming conventions to indicate business units. But we also apply labels at the campaign level to indicate a business unit for faster sorting and filtering.

Team Member Account Assignments

We also use labels at the account level to indicate which Group team member is responsible for each account. As a PPC manager, this makes it easy for me to quickly isolate the accounts of each team member.

Keyword Testing

It’s not unusual for keywords lists to climb into the high three figures. That’s a lot of keywords to scroll through!

That’s why we like to use labels when keyword testing

Client Screen Shares

Because we work with clients across the country and internationally, screen sharing is something we do pretty much every day. But screen sharing can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not careful, it’s all too easy to inadvertently display one client’s information when sharing a screen with another client!


We take client confidentiality and privacy very seriously, and we put processes and tools in place to make sure that client confidentiality and privacy is maintained. And sometimes, we’ll use labels as a privacy tool.

By applying labels at the account level—and then filtering on those labels, we can isolate and display only the client’s data during screen shares.

Campaign Annotations

When you’re working with a large account, you can’t rely on your memory (or the memory of your team members) to remember all the decisions you’ve made.

Therefore, we sometimes use labels to make quick annotations within an account. If we make a change or pause a campaign, we’ll often apply a label that quickly describes what we’ve done and why.

PPC Pro Bonus: Ads Versions

Another label application that we’ve played around with labels for different ad variations to easily track performance.

Usually, we label our go-to ad as “winner.” Then, we’ll label second and third variations as “2nd” and “3rd” respectively.

With these labels, we can quickly compare the performance of all three ads. We can then decide whether to keep the winner or replace it with one of the variations if one proves to be a better performer.

In addition, if you put the date in your labels, it’s easy to refer and see how long the winning ad has been running.


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