how to consider website redesign

When Should You Redesign Your Website?

If your company has been online for a year or more, it may be time to update your website design to keep up with the competition.

Before you get started, ask yourself:


  • Is my site compatible with mobile browsing?
  • How is my business growing?
  • How do I stand out compared to my competitors?

You can more responsibly redesign your platform–or leave it as is–based on your answers.


1. Is Your Platform Mobile-friendly?

Smartphones and mobile devices are the future—and the present. Your company’s site needs to be accessible to mobile users for on-the-go service. Whether you’re hosting an online marketplace, promoting online service booking, or providing your clients with information about your products, mobile compatibility lets your clients know that your business is living in the modern times and can meet their modern needs.

Take advantage of Google Inspector to see what your site will look like when viewed via mobile. If elements refuse to load, or it’s impossible to reach your checkout effectively, you can dig into your site’s HTML, CSS, or other support architecture and ensure that your audience can make use of your platform while on the go.


2. Has Your Business Changed?

If you originally branded yourself as an app designer but have evolved into an IT specialist, then you’ll want to rework your site’s design. Even minor changes, such as the addition of a new inventory page or copy added to your “About” page can curate an online brand image that aligns more effectively with your evolved business model.


3. How Do You Match Up to Your Competitors?

The needs of your industry will transform with the technology available to you and your competitors. You may want to consider updating your platform’s visuals if you notice your peers designing their content to fit a particular mode or aesthetic.


This isn’t a recommendation to give in to peer pressure. You just want your platform’s design to be on par with or better than those of your competitors. A platform that operates smoothly and touches upon essential client questions will help you remain ahead of the industrial pack.


To Redesign or Not to Redesign: That is the Question.

Of course, design changes have pros and cons. If you choose to reconfigure your website, you’ll get to play with new design tools and ensure that the content on your site is completely up-to-date.

Major website reconstruction can also disrupt your clients’ usual process on your platform. Rebranding, too, can confuse a loyal consumer audience.

Consider the needs of your platform and the changes you’re seeing in your industry—and when you’re ready for a digital facelift, consider how your color schemes and overall design can elevate your business to new heights.



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