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How to Build Backlinks in Under an Hour

If you know basic SEO training, you know that a strong backlink network raises your SERP ranking. However, creating that network isn’t always as easy as it seems. To build a backlink network that drives consumers to your platform, you need to work with authoritative, well-researched links of all sorts.

But your industry is constantly changing. If you want to compete with your peers, you have to move quickly. Looking to build up your backlink network in under an hour? Don’t worry. We have you covered.


Types of Links

You’ll be working with a number of different links when building your backlink network. These include:


  • Outbound links: Lead from your content to the content on other reputable, well-linked webpages
  • Inbound links: Listed on other web pages that lead users back to your content
  • Internal links: Woven into your content to guide users from one web page you own to another.
  • Navigation links: Serve as shortcuts that move users from content to action pages, such as shopping carts or contact pages

You’ll primarily work with outbound links to boost your SERP. Navigational links, internal links, and inbound links all contribute positively to your SERP ranking, but not as much as outbound, or external, links do.


What Makes a Strong Link?

You can’t link to just any platform with your outbound links. Your links need to contribute to your platform’s standing positively to later boost your SERP.

Search engine crawlers take several link factors into account when assessing your SERP ranking. These factors include:


  • The location of a link on your webpage
  • The link’s keywords, or anchor text
  • The link’s context within your content
  • The spacing of one link in comparison to other links in your content

The perceived authority of your link, though, contributes most significantly to the boost a link gives your SERP. Crawlers attribute greater authority to platforms with .gov, .edu, and .org in their URLs. Sites that already have a strong backlink network in place are also considered more authoritative than their industry peers.


In short, make sure that the sites you link to are strong, or else you risk accidentally lower your SERP ranking.


Don’t Forget Link Anchor Text

Not only do you want to link to platforms that are considered authorities in their industries, but you also want to frame those links with strong anchor text.

Anchor text does double-duty for your SERP ranking. It offers you a space to house your links and provides you an opportunity to capitalize on your chosen keywords. Create information-rich anchor text that utilizes long-tail keywords, and Google’s crawlers will take notice.

You don’t have to spend hours re-configuring your content to create a strong backlink network. Make sure your links lead to authoritative, external content. Utilize navigation links and internal links to create an interconnected platform. Finally, reach out to industry peers to spread your links onto other websites.

With a bit of work and communication, your improved backlink network can get your content alongside a SERP’s best and brightest.



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