Opportunities Tab

What is an Opportunities Tab?

Opportunities Tab – Located in the AdWords interface, this is a tool designed to help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns. Common suggestions include budget recommendations, potential keyword additions and more.  These are all automated opportunities, so use the Google Ads opportunities tab with caution.

The Google Ads Opportunities tab is a great tool that gives your ideas and options for expanding your current campaign(s) and improving your current performance. You can think of the Google Ads Opportunities tab as an assistant who customizes opportunities for your account. It can help you discover new keywords and improve your bids, your budgets, and more.

All these ideas are created after the system looks at your account’s performance history, your campaign settings, and your Google search volume and trends. It automatically generates opportunities that could improve your performance.

Most of these opportunities are valuable, and you should take them into consideration. However, you should never just blindly trust all that you see here. You must be the judge and decide if the opportunities suggested are ones you want to apply and if you want to apply them in the way the system is recommending you do. There are some things that you need to watch out for before accepting them.

Adding new keywords may affect your ad groups

This tool is great for finding new keyword ideas and expanding your campaign to get more traffic and conversions. However, you should be careful when using the keywords that are shown in the Google Ads Opportunities tab. Some of the things that could be wrong with these are:

  1. Keywords may not fall in the ad group in which AdWords is recommending that you place them, which is very common is you have properly themed ad groups.
  2. Some keywords are “related” to your product or service but don’t provoke the reaction that you want from users.
  3. Some keywords just don’t make any sense and shouldn’t even appear as suggestions.

To avoid making any mistakes when adding keywords, I recommend that you always download all the available keywords that appear as opportunities. You will then be able to review them using Excel and add them accordingly to your campaign using AdWords Editor or through the interface. To download the opportunities, you just need to click on the download button.

Opportunities Tab and Raising the budget may not be necessary

As soon as you have a campaign that is shown on a “Limited by Budget” status, you receive an opportunity telling you that you should raise your budget. This is something that you want to take into consideration, but it is not advice that you should blindly follow. Before you raise your budget, you need to consider if your current spending is right and if there’s anything you can do to reduce costs that are not producing conversions. Some steps you can take before raising the budget include but are not limited to:

  • Pausing keywords that have accrued high costs and haven’t resulted in conversions.
  • Change your schedule to eliminate those hours of the day that are not resulting in conversions but are accruing significant costs.
  • Excluding search partners, if they have a CPA that’s too high.
  • Lowering bids on keywords that have a great position to balance what you pay for every click without losing your positioning.
  • Looking for new keyword opportunities that may allow you to drive relevant traffic at a lower average CPC.

In an ideal world, you should only raise your budget on campaigns that are producing a good amount of conversions for you but that is not getting all possible traffic due to a constraint in your budget.


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