What is an Microblog?

A microblog is a social media utility where users can share short status updates and information. The most famous example is Twitter, which combines aspects of blogs (personalized Web posting) with aspects of social networking sites (making and tracking connections, or “friends”).

These posts, called micro posts, are immediately available to a small community or public. It differs from a blog due to its smaller content. Microblogging is highly popular among users due to its portability and immediacy.


Microblogs are incorporated in different websites. Most microblog platforms require users to log in, although some allow social login. In a posts are brief and are often restricted by number of characters. Most often, the entries in a microblog are one or two sentences, image or video links or a link to an article. The posts can be received or sent using different computing devices, such as smartphones. One of the most popular microblogging sites on the Internet is Twitter.


Microblogs are an extremely popular channel in mainstream communication and are pursued for personal and professional reasons. Due to its nature, it brings in an organic and spontaneous feel to many. The interaction rate is high in the case of microblogs. They can provide instant coverage of events and news due to the promise of instant publication and few restrictions. Friends and small communities use it to keep in touch or for updates, whereas businesses use it for sharing useful resources. It can also help in providing a sense of online community. They are also capable of providing more information that is less available through traditional news coverage sources. Marketers can use microblogs to attract as well as monitor the traffic flow to their websites.

However, they are also not liked by all. They are often seen as self-indulgent, a waste of time or ephemeral. The casual nature present in them is also a concern, especially when it comes to sensitive information. Some do not allow redirect of posts and thus they could lead to loss of SEO opportunities.


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