Editorial Review

What is an Editorial Review?

Editorial Review – Policies that govern the content and forms of advertising accepted by the search engines. Every time you create a new ad/keyword/etc, it will be submitted for editorial review to ensure guidelines are met.

The Bing Ads platform was designed to include a review process to ensure that all PPC campaigns adhere to the Bing Ads editorial guidelines Opens in a new window. This editorial review process helps to ensure a positive, mutually beneficial environment.

In the spirit of fostering open communications Opens in a new window, I’d like to share the best practices of creating quality campaigns:

Creating Accounts

In Bing Ads, thousands of accounts are created daily, and we conduct rigorous background checks before serving ads for those accounts.  To understand these background checks, consider how credit scores are generated by individuals’ financial history and activities across all paths.  As time goes on, individuals who have a higher credit score experience less paperwork or wait time in conducting financial activities, such as opening a line of credit account.  This is similar to the PPC advertising world. We have been streamlining the on-boarding process and your diligent work of building a strong credit score will enable Bing Ads to expedite your account creation.


Creating Campaigns

After your account passes checks and is activated, Bing Ads then validates whether your campaigns comply with Bing Ads Relevance and Quality Guidelines.  The most frequent mistakes we witness are:

After campaign validation is complete, we communicate the result via the Delivery Opens column on the Keywords tab:

The result could be:

  • Eligible: Bing Ads is ready to serve this keyword and its ad.
  • Approved Limited: The ad or keyword is eligible for delivery in some, but not all, countries. To determine which country/countries your keyword has been disapproved in, click on the arrow to the right of the keyword.  This will expand for you to view the disapproval reason and the market in which the disapproval has occurred.
  • Pending Editorial Review: If the content is sent for further review, your ads and keywords will show as ‘pending’ in the UI until a final decision has been made. The items will either be approved or rejected within 48 hours.  We are aware that some of you may have experienced longer-than-normal wait times during the last few months, Bing Ads has been actively addressing this deficiency.  If you experience wait time longer than 48 hours, please contact Support at 1-800-518-5689.
  • Disapproved:
    1. If you receive, this delivery result, here are some tips to help you fix the issue Opens in a new window.
    2. If you disagree with the disapproval decision, you can submit an inline appeal Opens in a new window with one easy click in the user interface (UI).  This simplified petitioning process allows you to submit multiple appeals at once. However, consider grouping your requests as appropriate to expedite the process.    Bing Ads will manually assess your appeals within 48 hours. If your keywords and ads are found to be compliant, they will be automatically approved.


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