Day Parting

What is Day Parting?

Day Parting – Optimization technique where you adjust your ads to run during the most profitable hours and/or days. For example, if you run a call center that operates from 8-5, you can schedule ads to run during that time span only.

The times of day and days of the week that are optimal for conversions can fluctuate. Your business may benefit from a more even distribution of ads. You don’t want to risk losing prospects by excluding certain times of day and days of the week.

Completely reasonable reservations—dayparting is not for every business. If your cost per action (CPA) is relatively flat across every time of day and every day of the week, there is really no reason to specifically target 12 PM or Wednesdays.

However, if your business model involves peak times or days—marked by spikes in searches, impressions, and clicks—it is highly profitable to capitalize on them. How do you capitalize? Simple: you make your ads as visible as possible.


Let’s use an example. Say you operate a small home improvement store. Although your business is healthy throughout the weekdays, Saturday and Sunday are far and away your best days. This makes sense—people use their off-days to make home improvements. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, searches for things like “paint,” “power tools,” and “2×4” are likely to spike, making these times perfect for you to double down on your paid search ads. Boosting visibility at peak times is a surefire way to increase conversions.

Should I Use Dayparting?

Some brands will have audiences that are clearly most active on each platform at different times during the day or days of the week. This will vary from brand to brand, sometimes even within industries depending on your brand’s exact specialty, products or services.


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