Data Management Platform

What is an Data Management Platform?

Data Management Platform (DMPs) is a technology platform used for collecting and managing data, mainly for digital marketing purposes. It allows to generate audience segments, which are used to target specific users in online advertising campaigns.

What do Data Management Platform do For You?

DMPs gather data, organize it and share it with other marketing technology systems.DMPs gather data from a range of sources. For internal data, DMPs might pull from CRM software or from company-owned channels like websites or email. For external data, DMPs might connect to third-party data brokers or corporate partners.

Once they’ve gathered the data, DMPs organize it to build a profile of each individual customer (the data in DMPs is usually anonymized). Marketers define rules for when that person visits a website or calls in to a call center. Marketers also link “look-alike” profiles that share attributes — such as all men in Florida over 50 who use an iPad — into an audience so that all members receive the same marketing messages.

DMPs then share information on audiences with digital ad platforms and in-house marketing channels so those platforms know who to serve which ads or content. DMPs in turn collect information on ad performance to analyze and improve future ad purchases.


How do Data Management Platform help in marketing?

By gathering, organizing and sharing data, DMPs enable marketers to design targeted ad campaigns, extend their reach beyond known customers to look-alike prospects and drive more personalized interactions across channels. The benefits accrue in the form of more customer purchases and more efficient ad programs.

What don’t DMPs do for You?

DMPs perform some of the same functions as other marketing technologies, like data analytics platforms, demand-side platforms or customer data platforms. However, there are important differences.DMPs don’t perform the same breadth and depth of analysis as stand-alone data analytics platforms because the technology only gathers certain kinds of data and only analyzes ad performance from digital channels.

DMPs can’t operate ad campaigns on their own, either. They connect with demand-side, supply-side or media platforms, which serve the ads. In fact, DMPs are often embedded in solutions like marketing cloud platforms, adtech platforms or media ecosystems as one component of these larger platforms.


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