Automatic Placements

What are Automatic Placements?

Automatic Placements – Locations or domains on the Display Network where your ads can show, which are automatically matched to your keywords and/or other targeting methods.

It places your ads on all placements available for your settings on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. Our targeting works the same across all available placements, so including more placements often helps you find a wider audienceLearn why Automatic Placements may help you reach more people within your audience.

 Ads that appear across platforms may be more memorable. According to Facebook research, combining Facebook and TV advertising can be effective for some advertisers. Ads on and off Facebook, on mobile and desktop, may have a similar effect.

Although we recommend Automatic Placements, there are reasons to use Edit Placements to choose placements for an ad.

  • Use Edit Placements for creative considerations, although you could also use asset customization for placements: You may want to use different images and videos on different placements.

    To do this efficiently, create one ad with our asset customization for placements feature instead of separate ads for each placement. It’s also more cost-effective because our delivery system can learn where to spend your budget best.

  • Use Edit Placements for strategy: You might choose to exclude a particular placement as part of your strategy. For example, a luxury goods retailer might feel that only Instagram fits their brand.


    You don’t need to remove a placement if you’re not sure it’s popular with your audience or if it appears to be expensive in reporting. Automatic Placements will concentrate your budget on the combination of placements that is likely to get you the best overall results.

    Read about how the feature works to learn why you shouldn’t always remove placements.

  • Use Edit Placements for Brand Safety: Brand Safety means preventing ads from delivering alongside content that isn’t conducive to your brand. Some advertisers see this as particularly important with embedded content, such as Facebook in-stream, Audience Network, and Facebook Instant Articles. Learn about Brand Safety.

    If Brand Safety is a concern, you may not have to remove placements. We offer Brand Safety controls (found below Edit Placements) that allow you to block websites, apps and Facebook Pages where you don’t want your ads to appear. Learn how to download a list of current publishers for review.


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