Using videos to boost CTR

What Videos Should You Use to Boost B2B Clicks?

Your content’s click-through rate plays a significant role in your business’s SERP ranking—so, as always, content matters. As a business owner looking to scale your company, you’re all about the clicks. So what’s the best way to get more of them?


Use videos.

Using videos in B2B sales helps your potential clients develop a more comprehensive understanding of your business. You can craft these videos on your own time or take advantage of the plethora of footage available on YouTube.

B2B businesses that utilize videos in their content see their revenue grow 49 percent faster than businesses that don’t.

How do you choose B2B videos to integrate into your platform’s content?


1. Keep Things Short

Studies show that potential clients’ interest in the B2B videos you share in your content wanes around the two-minute mark. As a result, you’ll want any videos that you share through your platform to be poignant and pithy.

Two minutes is plenty of time to tantalize potential clients—without giving away the intricacies of your work.


2. Know Your Audience

You have a variety of tonal options when choosing a video to include in your content. Know that the tone of the video needs to gel with your clientele to hit home.


Be aware of your target generation. More millennials are making themselves at home within the B2B space. And although they’re more suspicious of videos in business content than their Baby Boomer counterparts, these Millennials tend to flock to videos that are humorous and socially aware. Baby Boomers, comparatively, enjoy video content that’s more straightforward and nostalgic.


3. Tap into Locality

The B2B videos that draw clients to your content fastest will be videos that celebrate your locality. This remains true across the board. Whether you’re looking to attract local partnerships or to establish your brand name, location matters.

When you integrate videos that a) celebrate your locality, b) highlight your community contributions, or c) serve as informative guides to the impact you have on the city around you, you establish your business as an authority within your cityscape. Valuable video content lets other businesses know that your base of operations isn’t likely to disappear mid-partnership.

That sense of security and joyful celebration of your community will win you as many additional page clicks as it will B2B clients.



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