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Using Big Data to Improve SERP Rankings in 2019

Every day, users like us work together to produce two quintillion – quintillion – bytes of data online. That’s an absurd amount of data to imagine, and an even more absurd amount to sort through. Yet, marketers in every industry use algorithms that break the data down into manageable numbers that we can use to better interact with our audiences.

How does Big Data help us with SEO, especially in this age of changing algorithms? There are more than a few new methods through which consumers produce data. As we change the way we use the internet, Big Data can help us develop new ways of tracking consumer behavior – and responding to it with the appropriate SEO strategies.


Boost Your Chatbot Usage

Chatbots improve your platform’s user engagement, and subsequently your SERP rankings. Big Data can improve your chatbots. Chatbots both collect data to be assessed by your platform and benefit from the repurposing of that data. With a greater flow of data through a chatbot comes greater service. With more access to Big Data, chatbots can better answer user questions, attend to their needs, and direct them toward purchases that’ll boost your bottom line.


Consumers, AI, and SERP Rankings

Similarly, Big Data helps the artificial intelligences you integrate into your platform to customize users’ experiences more effectively. This hyper-personalization allows consumers’ needs to be met individually. The more personal a user’s experience is with your platform, the more likely it is that he or she will not only complete a sale but also leave behind a positive review of your platform. In this way, Big Data boosts your CTR, your consumer return rate, and your revenue. Your SERP ranking will rise based on your platform’s improvement in these areas.


Take Advantage of Streaming (and Streaming Data)

Not only Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are putting out consumer data these days. Streaming platforms such as Twitch can provide marketers with new swaths of information regarding consumer interests.

That’s not to say assessing streamed data is simple. Streaming moves fast. However, in-memory data grids and new streaming analytics platforms enable us to better keep track of the audiences we garner while streaming online, as well as those audiences’ engagement with our marketing content.


From that new data comes the potential to heighten streaming SEO. We can build more effective data tags, better categorize VODs, and create keyword-rich descriptions that attract audiences later.


Build Consumer Trust with Improved Cybersecurity

Your platform’s perceived authority is a significant SEO game-changer. If you want to raise your SERP ranking, your consumers need to know that their data is safe with you.

Enter Big Data. Big Data makes it simpler for you to install effective firewalls and to create encryptions that protect your clients’ financial information. The more you know about your consumers’ habits and the potential threats to those habits, the stronger your newly coded cybersecurity elements will be.

Big Data impacts almost every element of your platform, whether you’re consciously taking advantage of it or not. Once you start using it to your advantage, you can do more than boost your sales; you can rank higher on SERPs and grow your brand in ways you never imagined.



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