In-game ads can convert a new demographic of consumers without pushing an obvious hard sell. When you partner with MV3,
we’ll help you collaborate with developers and design a winning approach in the game industry.

Static In-Game Advertising

A profitable angle for classic brands.

Much like product placement in films, static advertisements are programmed directly into a game’s interface during the development phase. Sometimes your advertisements will even be written directly into the gaming storyline, allowing for powerful player interactions.

Due to this hard-coded nature, however, these ads involve intense amounts of planning, foresight, and patience. Our digital marketing team has the proven expertise and the strategic thinking to help you develop static campaigns with real ROI potential.

Broad messaging results in massive brand exposure.

Because static in-game advertising is built right into a game’s design, you won’t be able to adjust your ad later, or control its effect. The flip side of this, though, means that you’ll reach every single player in the game, offering a much wider, if less targeted, advertising strategy.

Static ads allow for more customization. We’ll help you determine the messaging that will impact the maximum amount of players and convert your ad investment into customers.

Not into commitment? Dynamic in-game ads offer many of the same benefits but can be changed and targeted as needed, thus giving your company far more control over the long-term success of a campaign.

Static In-Game
Static In-Game

Reach players across all platforms.

Mobile is the fastest growing sector of in-game advertising, but we partner with both existing and entrepreneurial developers to feature your campaign across as many different genres and platforms styles as possible.

From big-budget game franchises to independent gaming studios, this market has a huge audience and huge potential for your company.

We know how to create and deploy profitable static in-game ad campaigns that help your company capitalize on modern gaming trends.

MV3 can help your company create winning in-game strategies to drive awareness, traffic and sales conversions. Click here to learn how.


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