98 percent of text messages are read within four minutes, making SMS marketing one of the easiest and quickest methods for reaching your customers. MV3 can craft the quality messaging that drives better revenue on smaller-scale spending.

SMS Marketing

A cost-effective way to communicate with customers.

Texting is the primary method of mobile communication in the United States today, and as such, it’s also a valuable tool for building rapport with your audience. By encouraging inbound customers to sign up for text alerts from your business, MV3 can help you build a database of quality leads and help you reach the buyers that want to hear from you.

Our SMS inbound marketing produces higher conversion rates at a better cost-ratio, because we make sure your text message campaigns are read, and acted upon, by the right customers for your business.

Real-time messaging gives faster returns.

With a high efficacy rate and a relatively low cost, SMS marketing can work wonders for your marketing strategy at a faster rate than other marketing avenues.

Text messages give you the ability to reach your customers in real time with rich media messages that include not only words, but also audio, video, or high-resolution images.

Effective campaigns can impact your business quickly: not in a few days, but in a few hours—even minutes.

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

Promotions & customer support, right at their fingertips.

When you work with MV3, you’ll have the most advanced tools in the market today at your disposal to improve your SMS campaigns. Hyper-targeted strategies such as geofencing, as well as bulk delivery and auto-response, can improve your response rates even more by finding and forming relationships with your ideal customers at exactly the right times.

From retail to non-profits, we have extensive experience working with organizations in every industry. Our skilled team handles the hard parts, so that your next SMS marketing campaign is, effectively, a breeze.

  • Giveaways & sweepstakes
  • Text-to-vote contests
  • Auto-response messaging
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer & prospect data collection
  • Bulk text delivery
  • …and even more

Speak with one of our SMS marketing wizards to learn how we can boost your sales today, and let’s get this show on the digital road.


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