Rewarded video ads give your customers a clear-cut offer: watch a quick video ad, get a prize. We’ll help you use
this excellent customer-conditioning strategy to increase your revenue while still offering a streamlined user experience.

Rewarded Video Ads

Sell your brand without hurting the company name.

Rewarded ads are a phenomenal way to build brand recognition. Your users prefer rewarded ads to traditional in-game advertising for obvious reasons: it’s a minimally-intrusive advertising strategy.

By providing players with in-game rewards for watching ads—more coins, an extra life, or a similar incentive—you give a positive association to your business. According to a study by Tapjoy, nearly 80% of gamers prefer rewarded ads over all other forms of messaging.

Get instant attention, gain long-term customer retention.

Incentivized ads employ an opt-in strategy, which means your audience voluntarily chooses to watch your ad (and is therefore predisposed for positive ad reception.)

Because your customers immediately benefit from these interactions, rewarded advertising generates far less ad fatigue than other campaigns—which is a great thing for your brand.

MV3 can help your company deploy a rewarded ads campaign that gets immediate results and builds long-term customer loyalty.

Rewarded Video Ads
Rewarded Video Ads

Higher customer engagement means increased revenue.

When you capture user attention in the right moment, you get genuine clicks and high-quality leads, which can quickly scale your strategic results and boost your success rates.

Users who engage with rewarded ads are nearly five times more likely to make an in-app purchase than when presented with other ad types.

Our team of ad specialists will work with you from inception to completion to get your message in front of the right audience and drive your revenue ever-higher.

We leverage our experience with reward ad campaigns to make them a successful component in your advertising strategy. Speak with an advertising professional today to learn how MV3 can take your campaign to the next level.


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