Non-Profit Digital Consulting

You represent a worthy non-profit mission with transformative impact. As a full-service digital agency, MV3 Marketing brings the team and tools you need to create an inviting online presence that attracts volunteers and patrons at the rate you want.

A fresh perspective for fresh faces.

At MV3, we have one mission: we use intensive digital strategies to turn your data into a game-changing business tool. Your online capacity drives your organization’s upward growth. Our consulting resources analyze every aspect of your non-profit’s infrastructure to determine where, how much and how quickly we can promote digital impact at scale.

Finding an interested audience is an essential part of your non-profit’s marketing goals. Our team of experts can help you stay abreast of the latest search trends and market yourself accordingly, leading to more volunteer recruitment and investor activity.

By building a strong online foundation, we’ll help you see faster growth and develop a trustworthy image that newcomers, whether prospective volunteers or investors, can access at anytime, from anywhere.

Improve your social outreach for true social impact.

Social media is a uniquely-adaptive medium for cultivating non-profit customer leads. Due to the nature of “self-selection,” your social networks can have a higher conversion rate than many other industries. Users who interact with your content likely have an existing connection to your non-profit sector, whether it be pet owners interacting with your animal shelter or travel enthusiasts connecting to your deforestation awareness campaign.

We’ll help curate content for all your existing social channels and help you discover new platforms, revealing this rich volunteer demographic that can help your cause blossom.


Data that dazzles your volunteers—and your investors, too.

Corporate investors demand a standard of excellence before they toss their money into the rings. It’s vital that your non-profit exhibits a distinguished track record. Our expert web developers optimize your underlying data and build a sleek, beautiful portfolio that highlights your greatest work and sells you to even the most demanding eyes.

Our thorough investigation of your digital analytics provides valuable insights into your current demographic, so we can retouch and retarget your campaigns for maximum reach.

By deciphering your numbers and applying data-based knowledge to our strategies, we’ll spread infectious excitement about your cause. We help you see real growth, faster. That’s the power of serious sociology.

We realize that your digital voice and reach need to be as diverse as the experiences your volunteers have every single day. We’re here to help.


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