Location-based harnesses the power of mobile devices for your advertising strategy, combining mobile ads with smartphone location services
to find receptive consumers. MV3 understands the delicate balance between effective advertising and consumer-stalking—and
we can help take your selective ad campaigns to new heights.

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Location Based Advertising

Powerful content in the right place, at the right time.

Location-based advertising follows traditional mobile marketing techniques but offers a strong alternative to generic advertising. At MV3, we focus on four vital mobile ad variables: display, search, product placement and, most importantly, the content of your messaging.

With local targeting, you’re always in the right place; trust our team to take care of the rest.

The push and pull of location marketing.

When you create a location-based advertising campaign, there are two ways you can reach customers: push and pull. We’ll help you determine which approach will strengthen your marketing tactics.

  • PUSH. Push advertisements do just that: push notifications straight to your customers’ devices. You can choose to let your customers opt in (passive) or opt out (aggressive) of your mobile marketing strategy, depending on how strong of an approach you want.
  • PULL. Less common but still effective, pull campaigns are a good way to subtly attract users who are already in place: think product placement and sponsorship. We integrate your pull campaigns with other well-known applications to effectively advertise to an organic market.
Location Based Advertising
Location Based Advertising

See high rates of success with customized outreach.

Through tactics like GeoFencing and IP Targeting, we can highlight your ideal audiences and spend your ad dollars where they have the most conversion power.

Personalizing ad content in this manner has a much higher efficacy rate than other strategies; a well-targeted location-based campaign can see response rates of as high as 20 percent.

Location-based advertising can be an extremely rewarding advertising avenue for your company, and our experts are standing by to show you how. We leverage our past experiences to build out future marketing campaigns. Benefit from our industry expertise today.


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