Outbound Link

What is a Outbound Link ?

Any link on a Web page to an external Web page. Outbound links are links that are meant to take another webpage. These are links that are going to direct you to another specific webpage or website altogether.

Two Types of Links

There are two (2) kinds of outbound links.

  1. Nofollow link
  2. Dofollow link.

The dofollow link is the standard link and it is the default link. The common link or the normal link. You don’t have to add to the code, you don’t have to change anything. Just make a link and it’s automatically a dofollow link. A dofollow link is what every link should be like. It will pass on Google PageRank from your webpage to the targeted webpage.

Nofollow link is the abnormal link. It will not pass on any Google PageRank to the targeted webpage but instead, it blocks off the Google PageRank flow. A nofollow link has a rel=” nofollow” tag inside the code. This tag says to the Google spider ‘not to follow’ the link.


Why do you add a nofollow tag to a link?

Adding a nofollow tag stops the search spider from crawling that targeted webpage.  Webmasters do this when they do not want to give out Google PageRank to the targeted webpage.

For example, I need to link to Facebook to advertise my Facebook page. Since Facebook already has millions of incoming links to it and my link towards Facebook would make minimal difference, I decide not to give it any PageRank so that I can keep some for myself.

That’s the only reason why I put in nofollow tags. Otherwise, if I want to cite out a specific source of relevant information,

I Use  dofollow links because:

  1. It is only right to do so
  2. It makes Google recognize you as a hub of that specific resource – which makes you rank higher in the long run
  3. The webmaster of the target webpage might recognize you and perhaps link back to you

Don’t use nofollow tag for every outbound link because nofollow tags still deduct some Google PageRank  from your webpage even if it gives none to your targeted webpage. It’s a lose-lose scenario. Play fair. Give out dofollows if the target webpage deserves it.

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