Display/Content Bid

What is Display/Content Bid?

Display/Content Bid The maximum amount you’re willing to pay for an ad click on the Display Network.

When you advertise on the Display Network, you can set your bids in different ways in your campaign. Google Ads uses your bids in the ad auction to help you get the most value from your ads.

When your ad is eligible to show, Google Ads checks to see if you’d like to use custom bids or the default bid and if you have any bid adjustments.

  • Default bids: If you don’t have a custom bid for when your ad appears in a placement that matches your targeting, Google Ads will use your ad group default bid.
  • Custom bids: If you’ve enabled custom bids for a single targeting method, for example, topics, Google Ads will use that bid when your ads show on websites related to that topic.
  • Bid adjustments: To gain more control over when and where your ad is shown, you can set bid adjustments at the campaign and ad group level.

This article explains the differences between the bidding features available on the Display Network and how Google Ads chooses which bidding option to use with your ads.

How bidding features work

Default bids

If you’re using manual bidding, you have already set a bid at the ad group level. If you’re using portfolio strategies, then you’ve set a bid at the portfolio level. When you don’t have custom bids enabled (or your custom bids don’t apply to where your ad is shown), Google Ads uses your default bid. Your default bid can be inherited from your ad group bid or portfolio bid.

For example, if you’ve set an ad group bid of $1, and you haven’t enabled custom bids, your ”Default Max. CPC” column will show your ad group bid amount, and you won’t be able to edit this bid from the statistics table.

Custom bids

If you want to set bids for an individual targeting method in your ad group, you can use custom bids. These are max. CPC (or max. vCPM) bids that you set.


If you enable custom bids for placements, for example, you can set max. CPC bids on individual placements that you add. When you enable custom bids for a targeting method, we’ll use these bids on the Display Network.

Important: You can set custom bids on only one targeting method within each ad group.

Bid adjustments

Bid adjustments allow you to increase or decrease the bid amount we use to gain more control over when and where your ad appears.

Bid adjustments represent a percentage change in your bids. They’re applied on top of the bids that Google Ads uses to show your ad: your custom bids or the ad group bid if no custom bids are set. Bid adjustments for any ad group-level targeting methods can be set from -90% to +900%.

You can set bid adjustments at the campaign level (for times, days, and locations), as well as at the ad group level for individual targeting methods and top content. However, you can’t have bid adjustments and custom bids for the same targeting method. Device bid adjustments are available both at the campaign and ad group levels.


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