Ask Method

What is the Ask Method?

Ask Method or Ask Campaign – A form of collecting information to assist with creating more relevant and valuable answers or content for your audience.

Six-Step to the ASK Method


Step 1 is all about knowing your audience and understanding what they really want by sending a survey to your current database. If you read the full version of the ASK method, it tells you a specific way of structuring the questions in your survey to get the proper insights, but, the single most important question to ask your audience will look something like this:

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE WITH (insert your service/pitch)?

When you receive the results, something miraculous happens. You get to know first-hand the pain points of your target marketing and it is all written in their language, or how they would refer to the problem.

This helps you map out what comes next…


After you know what your audience wants, you create a website to bring it to fruition. In the images and language, you use, relate to your audience and let them know that you are the best source to help them fix their problem(s) they identified in step 1.


In step 3 you segment by what your audience needs by fitting them into two or three main “buckets.” Keep in mind that the language that resonates with your target audience was already identified in your survey. You can use that same style of language in your website, marketing and sales conversations.

Say you have three main pain points that were identified or three main reasons a person visits your online business. You can segment these items in order to make the site user friendly and make it easy for the customer to navigate.

For example, if you are a realtor and you found out that people typically call your business to buy, sell or rent a home, you would segment your business into those three sections.


Buy a Home | Sell a Home | Rent a Home

Each of these sections can be clickable online, leading to a different landing page and experience for each type of customer.

Ask Method Prescribe

You can take segmentation a step further, by tailoring your entire sales funnel to the specific type of customer. The ASK Method refers to this as prescribing. If they visit your site to learn more about buying a home, they will be “prescribed,” or they will receive a different set of emails than those that visit your site to learn more about selling, and so on.

It is important to note here to first focus on the top or most important “bucket,” and once you have a high performing funnel, you would move to the next in the queue in terms of priority or demand from your audience. You don’t have to be overwhelmed to do it all at once.

Profit Maximization

Step 5 is monetizing your funnel to make sure your website isn’t only getting views; it is converting traffic into paying customers. In the profit section, you can build in steps to upsell to your customers and secure their business or use Ads as a revenue stream if your site is popular, such as how we see ads now flowing through Facebook. In sticking with the realtor theme, if you’re potential “buying a home” the customer is opting-in for your free resources, maybe they are ready to buy your magazine on popular home features to look for when buying, and then if they buy that and trust your expertise they’ll be ready to trust you to take them on tour or two until you help them find their dream home.

Keep in mind, Profit Maximization doesn’t work in all business models, but if you can find a way to make this work, then you can use the profit from this phase to fund more advertising to feed your funnel and ultimately to build your business.

Ask Method Pivot

During the pivot phase, you assess what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and where you need to pivot your tactics to better fit the customer you are targeting. You can receive feedback through another survey to find out how your customer views you. Based on the feedback, you pivot — perhaps putting the customer into an alternate funnel.


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