Acceptance Rate

What is an Acceptance Rate?

Acceptance Rate – The percentage of email messages that are accepted by the mail server. Just because an email is accepted by the mail server does not mean it will get to an inbox.

Acceptance rate refers to whether your email is accepted by the recipient’s Internet Service Provider (ISP). In other words, can the email be delivered in the first place?

Acceptance rate measures the percentage of mail that was not bounced back to the sender, without regard to where the mail ended up in the recipient’s mailbox. You can find the overall acceptance rate — or delivery rate — of your marketing email campaigns, and that of individual email sends, on the email dashboard.

Imagine doing a bit of online shopping for the holidays, after all! You have purchased a gift to be delivered to a friend, so you’ve listed their home as the shipping address for the package.


Little did you know, there was a typo in their address. To deliver the package to your buddy, the delivery service was not able to find a mailbox at the listed address. The package is then marked with the dreaded Return to Sender stamp, and it never again sees the light of day.

OK, that is an exaggeration. However, this analogy can be applied to acceptance rate. If your mail has nowhere to go or the recipient’s ISP cannot accept the mail, it is returned to the sender. In the world of email, this would be described as “bouncing back.”

But what happens to an email after a successful delivery? This is where inbox placement comes into play.


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