Geo-fence Advertising is a direct-to-mobile method of reaching customers when they enter a particular location, made possible by the GPS technology in our phones. MV3 can help you harness that technology and create powerful advertising strategies for your company.

Geo-Fence Advertising

Target consumers with square-foot precision.

By constructing a virtual fence around a given worksite, event site or store, we create effective boundaries for location-based geo-fence advertising. Our experts can guide your team through the process of establishing GPS boundaries, creating campaigns and preparing consumer “triggers.”

You can deploy your texts, app notifications, or email alerts to customers when they enter your preset areas, pushing your messaging when it will be most impactful.

Hire the team that does the legwork to meet your business goals.

Want to focus on a particular zip code, or political affiliation, or income bracket? We can utilize census data to strengthen the messaging of your Geo-fence advertising depending on your target areas. We even perform the market research for you to determine when, where and with whom your campaign with resonate the most.

We’re doing our job correctly when your advertising budget is performing above expectations.

Geo-Fence Advertising
Geo-Fence Advertising

We keep an eye on analytics to track ongoing successes.

Our team is trained in state-of-the-art technologies, and we watch your metrics to determine where and when your geo-fence advertising strategies are most effective. We’re proud of our ability to perform conversion zone tracking, watching your customers to see when—and how many times—they’re influenced by your ads.

What keeps them coming back? What convinces them to trust your brand? Our professional team can help you decipher the data and turn raw numbers into cold hard cash.

When you hire MV3, you’ll have our full extent of experts standing by to help you develop and implement a conversion-oriented Geo-fencing campaign. Click here to speak with one of our marketing professionals today.


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