employee happiness affects bottom line

Does Employee Cheer Impact Your Bottom Line?

Friendliness is the foundation of all businesses. Whether you operate solely online or own a brick-and-mortar shop, consumers expect small business owners and employees to be more chipper than their corporate counterparts are. Employee happiness matters.

One unhappy employee has the potential to not only impact your daily productivity but your total revenue stream as well.

Employee happiness is essential to your long-term success. Build your office into a place where your employees feel safe and content, and you’ll secure your stream of revenue—but you’ll also build a better reputation among consumers.


Assessing Employee Happiness

It’s easy to know when you are cheerful. As a business owner, you’re driven, ambitious, and eager—you need to be. But how in touch (or out of touch) are you with your employees?

Whether you operate solely online or in a shop, get to know your team. You don’t have to be anyone’s best friend, but it’s important to talk to the people who work for you. What motivates them? What outside stresses are impacting their lives? How are they feeling about their work?

When you facilitate a work environment that’s open and friendly, your team will feel safe and valued, and that attitude resonates through all facets of your business.


Crafting a Creative Culture

There are also great benefits to having a creative workspace. Approximately 78 percent of employees who work in a more-collaborative environment say that their commitment to their employer is above average.

What’s a creative workspace, though?

Embracing a creative culture within your business means seeking out employees’ opinions on the ongoing operations of the business. Allow your team to express their thoughts about the business’ growth and contribute to the direction the business moves in.


This kind of space allows your business to grow in new ways, but it also provides your employees with additional self-importance. That sense of importance, paired with free communication, leads to happier employees.


Exploring Benefits

Long-term employee happiness goes deeper than just communication and creativity, though. When you’re on a mission for workplace cheer, don’t forget to take a look at your benefits package.

Jobs with better benefits – health, dental, and vision insurance – are highly coveted amongst the working people of the world. Depending on your industry, benefits can make or break your hiring process and give you a heavy competitive advantage.

Work-life balance matters, too. If you’re able to provide great perks, flexible hours and coveted vacation time, you’ll be able to build a happier employee base.


Turning It Back on Consumers

Consumers have an easier time personifying small businesses, and your patrons may automatically expect constant friendliness from your employees. No matter how much you nurture this image, sometimes employee and consumer interactions go sour.

It’s important to help consumers manage their expectations. Go out of your way to advocate for your employees and to remind your customers that they’re interacting with human beings. Not only will consumers be able to better understand your business’ limitations, but your employees will appreciate your support.

When you advocate for your employees, they’ll deliver better customer service and ensure that your bottom line remains strong.



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