Meet AWS: the powerful tool that boosts your business

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a cloud computing platform that provides a number of cloud-based services based around storage, development, analytics, and monitoring for your website.

The platform boasts a strong structure and incredibly versatile nature, and if you’re not using AWS yet, you should be. Businesses use AWS because it works; this platform offers an all-encompassing platform to support all of your cloud computing needs.

Here’s how AWS can help your business grow:


1. Keep Your Data Backed Up Reliably

Amazon’s platform is famous for the rich features of its cloud services. While storage certainly isn’t the only useful aspect of cloud services, it provides a great solution for growing businesses.

There are a number of ways to use AWS cloud storage to enhance your digital operations. The available storage options of Standard, Infrequent Access, and Glacier are all developed for different uses, but all are important for website management and maintenance.

You’ll find standard storage useful for everyday items: things you need to access for your business’ day-to-day functioning, such as applications and incoming data management. Infrequent Access works for data that needs to be available at a moment’s notice, but isn’t often used, such as website backups and disaster recovery tools. Glacier is an archival feature, which your development team can use to store old data that still holds important business value.


2. Monitor All Your Usage

This is another perk for your development team: AWS stores all of your deployments in one space for easy organization. But it also features a built-in management structure that allows you to understand exactly where your website is expending energy. You can use this overview feature to easily understand if you’re overspending on certain projects.

AWS also provides automation and health diagnostic tools that simplify management. You can set up processes to automate certain infrastructure developments and then monitor their efficacy with one clean format. With AWS, you don’t have to worry about improperly allocating resources because of reduced visibility; you’ll see where everything is and how everything’s doing, all collapsed into one neat dashboard.



3. Pay as You Go

Groundbreaking when announced, AWS’s pricing structure continues to be one of the biggest selling points for companies of all sizes.

With AWS, you won’t pay an overall subscription fee. You’ll pay only for the services you use, usually on a tiered payment plan that allows you to pay more as you use more. You can make allocations of time, energy, and money yourself—without having to pay extra for services you don’t need and won’t use.



AWS is a powerful structure, but it can be somewhat confusing. You may consider working with an expert, or else commit to significant research and resources before implementing this platform.

As a major component of the internet as we know it, Amazon’s web services are always changing and adapting. Improve your business by keeping your digital footprint on the cutting edge of the industry.



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