Baidu Duer


With an audience of some 800 million active users, Baidu is China’s search engine leader. Its assistant bot platform, DuerOS, is installed on 100 million devices worldwide. We’ll show you how to globalize your ad campaigns using the power of fast-growing international search.

Baidu Duer

New kid on the block.

Digital assistants like Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have taken the world by storm, and for most of the English-speaking world, it’s second nature to say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Alexa” to get a simple answer.

Baidu’s Duer is a shiny new object in the AI space, boasting a Chinese heritage and projected to be a significant source of advertising revenue and activity by 2020. That’s not a pipe dream: using smart speakers and a conversational mini-computer called Xiaoyu Zaijia (Little Fish), DuerOS doubled its install base in only six months. Since then, the AI engine has expanded into streaming boxes, home appliances and other devices.

Baidu DuerOS presents a tremendous opportunity for your company to attract the Chinese market—not just in China, mind you, but also Chinese-speaking consumers worldwide.

Think forward with us for a moment. Ad-enabled AI devices are still an elementary invention—but when tourists want to find a great local restaurant or fitness center in Beijing or Hong Kong, they’ll ask Baidu Duer for recommendations.

Trust us, this forward thinking will pay massive dividends in our tech-forward future.

Target ads to meet a need.

There are many cultural, legal and strategic nuances to consider before you build advertising campaigns for Baidu’s digital channel, but the market space is clear.

Ever used Alexa to order something you (may or may not have) needed from Amazon? Or, hey Google, where’s the closest cup of coffee? It’s not a far leap to understand the advertising opportunities of these AI interactions.

Homes with DuerOS will soon get advice on stain removal from laundry services. From our perspective, that’s AI’s greatest power: successfully positioning advertiser products in context to user needs.

Looking to target the Chinese market in Asia, North America, the UK or elsewhere? We get it. MV3 Marketing can help you build targeted advertising campaigns for the Baidu DuerOS platform.

Baidu Duer
Baidu Duer

MV3 will help you reach 100 million prospects.

Whether your business already has a market share in China or is looking to gain a foothold there, the disruptive BaiduOS platform is an innovative way to advertise your products to a receptive audience. China’s audience is the largest in the developed world, and we’ll help you navigate this vast, advancing market.

Baidu DuerOS has only been around for about two years and is already a staple on over 100 million devices. Imagine the potential growth marketing opportunity. A billion prospects makes us drool a little, too. (Sorry, we can’t help it.)

Like all AI-driven assistants (think Alexa and Siri), DuerOS is voice activated and augmented on the Little Fish robot by a motion-tracking camera. In the technology age, these bots attract users of all ages, from small children to elderly adults. Do you have a strategy to reach them?

MV3 has experience building successful campaigns for the Baidu ecosystem, and we know how to help your business succeed when entering the Chinese marketplace. Ready to get started? Contact us for a consultation today.


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