Augmented Reality Advertising

Combine the physical world with your digital ads.

Augmented reality campaigns meld real and virtual worlds to create a multifaceted advertisement experience. We’ll help you take your digital content and add it to your consumers’ real-world lives, adding physical value to your digital brand experience.

Augmented Reality Advertising

Engage consumers through personalization.

High-quality images can do wonders to ease potential buyers’ hesitations, but there’s nothing like seeing your product in action to seal the deal. Imagine you are browsing the web and see an ad on Facebook for sunglasses. You wonder if they would suit you, but you’re uncertain, and you leave without purchasing.

An augmented version of that experience eliminates guesswork and gives buyers the ability to actually “try on” the glasses, closing the sale.

Augmentation is a more versatile technique than you might think, and we’ll help you determine the kind of interactivity and touch points you need to aid sales and personalize your consumer experience.

Personalization evokes an emotional connection.

Personalizing any experience evokes a stronger emotional interaction, but this is especially true when it comes to successful sales. We’ll develop sensory driven connections in your marketing campaigns to establish memorable experiences with your consumers.

With our augmented reality services, your campaign can speak more intimately to individual customers. We create that “they get me” brand feeling by showing your buyers exactly what they want, when they want it. Once established, this emotional tie to your brand holds and influences future purchasing.

We also use augmented experiences to collect real-time feedback on your products or services as customers explore them, increasingly turning your generic message into a personal communication.

Augmented Reality Advertising 2
Augmented Reality Advertising 3

Emotional connection supports heightened brand visibility.

With augmented reality still in its infancy, novelty gets people talking. A personalized online experience also gets people talking. Combining the two will boost your brand recognition to a new level.

Remember that you are still competing with traditional content, so your campaign still needs a plan. Our team will help you clarify your exact goals and identify the return on investment you want to see—including what needs to happen to drive buzz and press coverage.

Our approach to augmented reality is both strategic and seamless. We figure out what will make a difference to your customers, and help our customers play a more valuable role in their consumers’ lives.

There is no secret it’s becoming more difficult and costly to get—and stay—in front of consumers. Our team will help you overcome this hurdle through augmented reality.

At MV3, we value quality and efficiency, and we’ll meet your audience’s need for information, convenience, and entertainment. Contact us today to immerse your customers in a new level of brand experience.


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