AR-VR Advertising


Every story has a clear beginning, middle, and end—until now. AR and VR technologies change the way advertising stories are told, giving consumers the autonomy to look and go wherever they choose.

Our AR-VR Advertising specialists at MV3 help leverage this immersive storytelling, building entertaining, relevant, and high-converting ad campaigns for your business.

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Consumers are ready—are you forAR-VR Advertising?

The future is here, AR-VR Advertising, and it’s even in your pocket: most new mobiles phones are equipped with capabilities for augmented and virtual reality interactions. This innovative technology is already prepped on social advertising platforms like Facebook, and app-development technologies from Apple, Android and Amazon can support a vast scope of alternative-reality experiences.

In short, there is a lot of opportunity out there, and consumers are fully-primed for this next leap in advertising.

Consumers chose video over photography in advertising, so it’s not hard to imagine how AR-VR Advertising  is the next evolution. Just like Google, our team is always up to date on the best information and latest developments. As customers evolve to crave more immersion, we’ll design your ad campaigns to meet these needs.

Content may be king, but data is the entire kingdom.

The only way to win your audience is to understand them—especially in an advertising age where people are exposed to and consuming more content than they could hope to digest.

Augmented and virtual reality give advertisers real-time feedback and data like never before. Our AR and VR techniques allow you to engage your customers with the same one-on-one, conversational experience as in a real-life interaction.

We’ll also help you track metrics like user engagement and reactions to your approach. This valuable data can be used to better market the right products to your consumers based on their interests.

AR-VR Advertising

Which ad experience do you prefer?

Even though the two seem like peas in a pod, augmented reality and virtual reality are different. Augmented reality involves merging the physical “real” world with digital. Virtual reality involves complete immersion into a digital recreation of the physical world. Both have different uses and benefits. Which is the best choice for your brand?

Mixed Reality: AR-VR Advertising

What was Snapchat’s secret to off-the-charts engagement? Okay, we’ll spill—their world-changing filters, powered by augmented reality. When it comes to advertising, AR adds your digital brand to a consumers’ physical world.
One of the greatest benefits AR provides is allowing your consumers to interact with your products and services before they ever commit to a sale. We’ll help you marry the high reach of display media with the interactivity, unmatched personalization, and realism of AR advertising.
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Full Immersion: Virtual Reality Advertising

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000 pictures. Virtual reality magnifies the power of video tenfold, giving your customers a fully-immersive experience in which you control every aspect of their alternative reality.
These days, virtual reality extends far beyond gaming and can be a powerful asset for your advertising strategy. Virtual reality reaches new levels of user engagement by allowing consumers to be a part of the story. It also brings nearly universal audience appeal with a strong influence on customer buying decisions, providing the kinds of intense customer data that you’ve been dreaming of.
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Are you as excited as we are? Contact us today to speak with one of our augmented and virtual reality experts. We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition and create an ad experience your customers will crave.


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