Amazon Alexa


Artificial intelligence is driving Amazon Alexa Advertising technology, and the rise of of AI-guided voice assistants can prove a valuable asset to your ad strategy. Let our experts show you how to make friends with Alexa.

Amazon Alexa Advertising

An untouched AI frontier.

Voice-initiated shopping is the marketplace of the future, and MV3 experts can help your ad campaign stay on the cutting edge of this technology. Amazon has yet to officially endorse obvious advertising, but we utilize our industry tricks to promote AI-driven sales in the meantime.

Smart assistants like Alexa are marketed as helpful robots that solve everyday inconveniences, but they’re also powerful platforms for advertisers because they operate using powerful SEO algorithms—algorithms we can help you crack.

Our advertising strategies compete with the best brands in the world, and we stay on top of leading technologies to keep your company ahead of the rest.

The power of search.

Mobile and web users gravitate to the first 3 results on a page: audio users listen to one or two options max. We’ll help you use Alexa’s “related search” feature to promote your product or service, because an Amazon endorsement can become a potential cash cow for your sales.

Optimization becomes crucial in the world of AI, and because we use the best technologies in the business, we have a full-scope solution to help your company master futuristic advertising. Our bots crawl the web (and your competition) to find the most up-to-date, conversational keywords that will attract your most relevant customers.

When your business is better suited to your keywords, your search engine rankings skyrocket—and technologies like Amazon Alexa Advertising become more valuable when you’re already on top of your game.

Amazon Alexa Advertising
Amazon Alexa Advertising

Drive sales through suggestions.

Nearly half of internet users conduct their web searches through voice assistants like Alexa, and this number continues to rise as voice assistant technology becomes more and more accurate. Your company can use these voice-based customer touchpoints to suggest products and services to a voice-prompted audience.

Shift your sales advertising to a solution-based approach. ‘Alexa, how do I clean stains from my carpet?’ Cue a soft advertisement for your cleaning service. ‘Alexa, where’s the most tasty place to get a sandwich?’ Your restaurant, of course. ‘Alexa, what’s the best software to manage my AI campaigns?’ Well, we might be biased about that one.

This approach can even be tailored for an app-forward technique: ‘Alexa, tell me how much money I’ve spent this month’ can open your company’s personal finance app. ‘Alexa, how do I bake a cake?’ could prompt your video tutorial app to truly show your audience.

The future is here, and its possibilities are endless.

Amazon Alexa advertising has the potential to increase your search traffic and conversions. How can we put AI optimization to work for you? Ask us today.


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