It was hard enough to get the traffic, but now your sales aren’t aligning with those digital footprints. Don’t worry: MV3’s marketing team will work quickly to help you turn that brand awareness into successful revenue.

Lead Generation

Attract more customers with irresistible content.

Interactive and educational content at the top of your sales funnel works like a magnet, enticing interested customers to further explore your brand and offerings.

Our top-notch designers can create guides, ebooks, interactive quizzes, infographics and more to help buyers relate to your business early on in the relationship—making your sales strategy more effective down the line.

Our technical prowess is yours for the taking.

We use a proprietary sale-enablement and lead-generation platform that provides sales-focused chat, email and text messaging marketing touchpoints, as well as engagement segmenting.

By building personal connections with your buyers, we lay the foundation for brand loyalty so that you can connect your sales when the time is right.

This combination of extreme technical prowess and friendly brand-building allows us to dramatically increase your lead and customer acquisition efficiency.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

We generate better leads with stronger strategies. How?

  • SALES-FOCUSED CHAT gives you an easy way to communicate with your visitor base and turn every buyer interaction into a growth opportunity. Track metrics, accurately divert resources, set goals, incorporate effective sales, and maintain relationships with your customers even after the chat has ended.
  • EMAIL MARKETING is one of the integral pillars of the web and mobile e-commerce space. Let us help your team develop a structured, consistent email marketing strategy, or even optimize an existing effort.
  • TEXT MESSAGING has a distinct advantage because these days, most consumers have their phones nearby at all times. Text campaigns have a significantly higher view-rate than email, because they’re never filtered. Our tracking tools allow you to see when your customers engage with a text message, so you can take advantage of this modern marketplace.

Lead generation and acquisition services are the engines of your e-commerce strategy, and MV3 can help you build and integrate a successful model to take your business to new heights. Reach out today to find out more.


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