Sticky Cookie

What is Sticky Cookie?

Sticky Cookie – applied to the browser of your contacts for the tracking of purchases through an affiliate link.

Learn how to get paid affiliate commissions from your referrals on future purchases. When you send people to a link using ClickFunnels, we apply sticky cookies to you & your visitor’s browsers for several reasons such as tracking, quick checkouts, member logins, and advanced product features. ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie is for the benefit of helping you build your online business.


The sticky cookie allows our affiliates to get a ‘passive’ affiliate commission whenever we send an offer to our community, and you have the active sticky cookie on file for whoever makes a purchase…

  • Affiliate Cookie Rules: You must use your affiliate link to have your cookies applied and also to be eligible for commissions.
  • Your prospect must click on and use your affiliate link for your cookie to be applied.
  • The last affiliate link click by the prospect that directly leads to purchase will be used to assign credit for that sell.
  • Affiliate Cookies will expire 30 days after being set for commissions to be recorded.


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